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Real Cheating Story

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  • Real Cheating Story

    True ting mi hear from mo fren dem ...

    A cheat was found out when her partner realize seh she tun up missing from dem bed a night time regularly. So di partner ketch di rake and realize seh she a leff di house fi go do har deeds inna di miggle a di night. So di partner follow her. Old girl drive outta har yard 1 a'clack a mawning THEN HEAR DIS ... she guh to a spot and SWITCH CAR den drive to the odda smaddy yard

    Ah mean, if you that invested in being wid dis smaddy you should just wrap up business a you yawd and call it a day. Anyting can guh suh?

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    So what happen next?
    aka ChurchDude. I want that moniker back! Until then....

    "Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to"
    ~ Anon


    • #3
      Why would she change cars?

      That at is a lot of trouble to go through just to cheat. Maybe she is financially compensated for doing at nights?


      • #4
        A who she switch cyar wid?

        An how deep does dude sleep dat she can get up a night time, get ready, opn an lock door behind har an im no hear? A drug she whenna drug im?

        Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.


        • #5
          Interesting story but even better the responses...


          • #6
            mi nuh know di full details becaw mi did have enough foresight fi cut dem awf years ago caw dem just messy. but what mi surmise is that she never waan people see har car inna di driveway and realize dat she cheating. i don't know who di accomplice is. but she could likely get friend or family to go along wid it because yes, dem messy like dat.

            the one being cheated on was home wid di cheater kids. was a very good parent as far as mi know and likely was tired out from running after har 3 or 4 pickney dem. in dese parts cyar not necessarily parked in garage. most people have on street parking - worse if is an apartment. so she could get out easily without mek a fuss. an no she nuh need fi dress up and put on makeup. is the kinda a people weh a do it undercover. she naw go to the clubs. she a guh dem yawd fi get har itch scratched den sneak back in.

            di one who was being cheated on moved away to another state. best ting dem coulda do caw as mi seh, di lot a dem very messy
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            • #7
              As I am reading this I am thinking of all the work this took. Suppose the guy was "spooning" her before she sneaks out. Does she slowly take his arm from around her. Also the 2 car thing is too funny. So there is a cheaters car sound like it should be a on talk show...
              Out of Many One People Online


              • #8
                Well she cyaa be that messy if she can sneak outta bed widout disturbing pilla, post, nar de smaddy who liddung sida har; har pickney dem; or de puss, dawg or parrot...

                no man, she's like a stealth drone... she should teach classes...

                So now dat har 'Not-so-SO' is in anedda state, whe she a go do? Jus stick wid one cyar? Have I seen her and her messy self on Springer before?
                Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.


                • #9
                  unless she drugged the former-cuckolded-partner into a deep sleep?

                  but dat still doan explain the car switching thing.


                  • #10
                    But she ave man...TWO man.... and de first one sound nice. Why would he be attracted to a er like that?


                    • #11
                      di partner who was being cheated on is a giver - drop awf and pick up di bag a pickney dem a school, cook food from scratch, work a full time jab. so who knows, by di end a di day dem cuddan just wiped out and sleep like a log.

                      yes, dis belong pon jerry springer.

                      di cheater clearly love to drap baggy to di most appealing. di real messy ting is dat di smaddy who she was cheating with is a known cheater who used to deh wid di one weh get leff inna bed and cheated pan dem too!

                      see wah mi mean bout messy?!

                      di whole bag a dem deserve each other. and if you nuh realize yet, they are all women so is ( x 2) or is times 3


                      • #12
                        @ Frenchie


                        • #13
                          I was wondering when u were going to clarify they were all women

                          but what a way dem love drama!!
                          If you don't fight for what you deserve, you deserve what you get.
                          We are > Fossil Fuels --- Bill McKibben


                          • #14
                            So the cheated party switched cars so that the cheater wouldnt be able to drive back home? Am I missing the story completely?

                            Ick factor upped that they've all been with each other before- is the world that small??
                            ~~~~People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily. Zig Ziglar ~~~~


                            • #15
                              No dear k, the cheater sneak out and switch car to go meet up with smaddy who also a known cheater - caw she (the one being met) cheat pan di one who did get left in bed and look like she mussi target har ex woman outta spite or because she just nasty. Yes it's very incestuous


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