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sexual assualt victim? not afraid

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  • sexual assualt victim? not afraid

    Harvey Weinstein accused of groping Italian model, 22, in his office at Tribeca Film Center: sources

    Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is accused of groping a 22-year-old Italian model he met at the red-carpet premiere of his Radio City “New York Spring Spectacular.”

    The model told cops that the Oscar-winning Hollywood producer sexually abused her after coaxing her to his Manhattan office on the pretext of talking business, sources told the Daily News.

    The woman informed cops that Weinstein, a married 63-year-old father of five, groped her breasts and reached up her skirt around 6 p.m. Friday in his third-floor office at the Tribeca Film Center on Greenwich St., sources said.

    “He asked if her breasts were real before touching them,” a police source said. “She asked him to stop, and he put his hand up her skirt. He asked for a kiss; she responded ‘No.’”

    Once the model left Weinstein’s office, she called a friend and described what happened, another police source said. The friend took her to the 9th Precinct stationhouse in the East Village, and officers there drove her to the 1st Precinct station in Tribeca to report the incident.

    “She really was very upset,” said a third police source.

    Weinstein has been questioned by police. Sex-crime detectives for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. were expected to meet with the woman Monday to determine whether to file charges.

    The accuser initially met Weinstein on Thursday at the red-carpet premiere of the Rockettes’ “Spectacular” that he co-produced at Radio City.

    “He initiated the contact,” a police source said of Weinstein. “He saw her and spoke to her. She didn’t know who he was until he approached her.”

    Weinstein’s accuser told cops the film big shot gave her his card at Radio City and they exchanged emails on Friday to set up the afternoon meeting.

    The woman went to Weinstein’s office “at his request to talk business,” a police source said.

    NYPD Special Victims Squad detectives interviewed Weinstein on Saturday when he voluntarily met them at the 1st Precinct. During the interview, he asked to speak to his lawyer and was allowed to leave.

    Investigators were reviewing surveillance footage from outside of Weinstein’s office building to assess the woman’s state when she left, sources said.

    Weinstein skipped the premiere of his latest film “Women in Gold” at MoMA, which he was expected to attend with star Helen Mirren on Monday night. His representatives did not respond to requests for comment.

    The News is withholding the name of the accuser, who works for a large Manhattan modeling agency, because of the sexual-abuse allegations.

    Weinstein, estimated to be worth $200 million, is co-founder of Miramax and has produced numerous hit movies, including “Gangs of New York” and “Shakespeare in Love” — which won the Best Picture Oscar in 1999.

    He is married to British stunner Georgina Chapman, 38, the fashion designer and co-founder of high-end label Marchesa. They were married in 2007, and have a 2-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter.

    Weinstein has three older children from his first marriage to Eve Chilton Weinstein, his former assistant. They divorced in 2004.

    Just last Tuesday, Weinstein was presented the Humanitarian Award by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, where he was touted for his work in fighting AIDS, juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis and poverty.

    In his acceptance speech, he praised his wife, saying, “Georgina has a very loving way with children.” He also railed against anti-Semitism, imploring Jewish people to “get as organized as the Mafia” to fight it.

    Weinstein — who hails from Flushing, Queens — and his brother, Bob, created Miramax in 1979. The independent film company was named after their parents Miriam and Max.

    In the 1990s, the Weinsteins sold Miramax to Disney for $80 million. In 2005, they created their own production company called The Weinstein Company. The brothers have since received hundreds of Oscar nominations and have won scores of Academy Awards.

    In September 2009, Weinstein spoke out against efforts to extradite director Roman Polanski from Switzerland to the U.S. to face 1977 charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old. Polanski pleaded guilty to the charges before fleeing the country.

    Weinstein, whose company had distributed a film about the Polanski case, questioned whether Polanski committed any crime.
    I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
    Marcus Garvey

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    Italian model accusing Harvey Weinstein of groping ‘not afraid of’ film producer, source says

    She's not afraid of the powerful movie producer Harvey Weinstein — just creeped out.

    The curvaceous Italian model who accused the cinema mogul of a casting-couch grope in his Manhattan office is braced for a full-on war with the Hollywood heavyweight.

    Weinstein’s camp dismissed Ambra Battilana, a 22-year-old who testified in the sex scandal case of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, as an opportunist with a sketchy past.

    The head-turning brunette was hardly surprised by the attack on her credibility.


    Battilana “knows that Harvey has money and power and that he’s going to come after her,” a source close to the accuser told the Daily News on Tuesday. “But she’s confident. ... She’s not afraid of Harvey.”

    The model’s lawyer said his client was disgusted by the alleged Friday night encounter in Weinstein’s Tribeca space.

    Battilana told cops that the 63-year-old married father of five put his hands on her breasts and underneath her skirt despite her efforts to rebuff the unwanted attention, a source told The News.

    “When she was describing what happened, her face became contorted,” said her lawyer, Mark Heller. “It was that look of someone who was creeped out.

    “She’s a very young woman who was relating her disgust that a much older man — an old man in view of someone her age — conducted himself like that.”

    Battilana, who once had designs on a television career, claims that Weinstein asked if her breasts were real before groping her chest and asking for a kiss, sources said.

    The distraught model allegedly asked the moviemaker to stop and flatly turned down his request, sources said.

    Weinstein had invited Battilana to his office in the Tribeca Film Center one day earlier for a supposed business meeting, sources said.

    The two had met the night before at the red carpet premiere of the new Rockettes show at Radio City Music Hall. Weinstein, a co-producer of the show, gave her a business card and they arranged their Friday evening gettogether.


    A video camera captured Battilana entering the building at 375 Greenwich St. at 6 p.m. and leaving at a rapid pace 31 minutes later, a source told The News.

    Battilana twice ran her hand through her hair as she climbed inside the elevator for the ride to Weinstein’s third-floor office.

    She was taped making a phone call as she departed, beginning on the elevator down and continuing as she walked quickly out of the building lobby, the source said.

    Battilana’s face betrayed no emotion on the video, the source indicated. But the former Miss Italy hopeful was “very upset,” and called a friend, a source said.

    The friend brought her to the 9th Precinct, with cops there taking her to the 1st Precinct in Tribeca to make out a report.

    #TrytoNeverGrowUp 👧 #PeterPan #LuntFontanne #Theatre #Today #113 #sit

    A photo posted by Ambra B Gutierrez (@ambrabgutierrez) on Mar 28, 2015 at 10:52am PDT

    Despite the alleged incident, Battilana, who also uses the last name Gutierrez, attended a Broadway show produced by Weinstein the next day. She posted a picture to Instagram Saturday of a ticket from the musical “Finding Neverland.”

    Weinstein was questioned by police, but no charges have been filed. He was spotted Tuesday heading into his Greenwich St. offices, and has promised full cooperation with the probe. “We are confident that we will be fully vindicated,” a Weinstein spokesman said.

    A source close to Weinstein described the model as someone with a history of pursuing older men.

    While still a minor, she sued a 70-year-old businessman for sexual assault. The businessman, identified only as Mr. G. by the Italian media, said he considered their relationship consensual despite her age.

    Newspaper il Giornale reported in 2011 that it obtained the complaint Battilana filed against him. According to il Giornale, Battilana admitted she met the man at a restaurant in 2009 and began accepting 2,000 euro payments from him in exchange for sexual liaisons.

    “To my great embarrassment, he began to ask me questions about my sexual tastes and explained in great detail his erotic fantasies,” she allegedly said in the complaint.


    She was a naive 17-year-old and felt forced to take the money because of her family’s “severe poverty,” she reportedly said.

    She also took the witness stand in the Silvio Berlusconi sex scandal after unwittingly accepting an invitation to an August 2010 orgy.

    Battilana insisted she was unaware of what awaited her, and felt “greatly offended” when she discovered the soiree was a sex party.

    She wound up testifying in 2013 against Berlusconi about the wild “bunga bunga” romp, in which the prime minister allegedly patted her on the backside while unsuccessfully encouraging her to get naked.

    Heller said any implications of blackmail, as seen in some published reports, were wrong.

    “Regrettably, like many sex crimes victims, she is being inappropriately branded and persecuted for coming forward to report an act of sexual abuse perpetrated against her.”

    Battilana has received offers of close to $100,000 from media outlets to go public with her story — but has so far turned them down, according to a source.

    The source added that challenging Weinstein, the producer behind “Pulp Fiction” and “Shakespeare in Love,” is typically career suicide for ambitious young actresses.

    Battilana’s lawyer said she became the unwilling star of a movie business production that’s endured since the days of silent films: Movie execs targeting beautiful young women.

    “This is the old Hollywood story that’s been told over and over, and it’s a very tragic one,” Heller said. “This lady is a 22-year-old who has put her faith in America as her future.”
    I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
    Marcus Garvey

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      EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein didn’t deny groping Ambra Battilana in telephone call set up by NYPD, source says

      Cops set up a controlled phone call with Harvey Weinstein and his 22-year-old accuser and — given the chance — he didn’t deny touching the Italian model, a source familiar with the recorded conversation told the Daily News.

      Ambra Battilana then convinced Weinstein to meet him at a restaurant at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, a rendezvous under the watchful eyes of the NYPD, the source added.

      “He didn’t deny doing what she said he did to her,” the source told The News, referring to the call. “The content of the phone call, there’s no question about what he did.”

      The source added that it was clear from the conversation that he touched Battilana.

      “If he denies it, if he says he didn’t touch her breasts and privates, he’s toast,” the source said.

      The overheard call and restaurant meeting happened sometime between her notifying police on Friday and when Weinstein voluntarily spoke to cops on Saturday. It wasn’t clear if the movie mogul was made aware of the controlled call. He spoke to cops briefly and asked for a lawyer.

      A source close to Weinstein, a married 63-year-old father of five, denied he did anything wrong.

      “I couldn’t be more confident that nothing untoward happened with Harvey and that this is a setup like we’ve never seen,” that source said. “And I think it’s pretty clear that it’s part of a pattern.”

      Battilana told authorities she was invited to stop by Weinstein’s Tribeca office for a meeting after they crossed paths Thursday night on the red carpet at Radio City Music Hall. But once she arrived at his third-floor office on Greenwich St. on Friday, she claims Weinstein asked if her breasts were real before groping Battilana’s chest and slipping a hand under her skirt, sources told The News.

      The filmmaker backed off when the model ardently rejected his unwanted advances — and a request for a kiss, sources quoted Battilana as telling authorities.

      Sources indicated Battilana contacted a girlfriend and went to the NYPD that same night. Security video showed the model speaking on the phone as she walked briskly out of the Tribeca building just 31 minutes after arriving, sources told the News.

      Meanwhile, the Manhattan district attorney rolled out his top gun Wednesday in the high-profile probe. Assistant District Attorney Martha Bashford, chief of the DA’s Sex Crimes Unit, met with Battilana — a session hailed by her new attorney as a major development.

      “They’re taking this very seriously,” said lawyer David Godosky about the investigation. “ADA Bashford is a top-drawer prosecutor. If I were the victim or the target defendant, I would assume they are taking it very seriously.”

      Godosky, who was spotted with the one-time beauty contestant outside the NYPD’s Special Victims Squad in East Harlem, confirmed his client was cooperating with authorities investigating the Friday night incident.

      The curvaceous Battilana went incognito as she left the meeting with investigators, with oversized sunglasses covering her face and a scarf wrapped around her head.

      She zipped off in a waiting car without saying a word, and has yet to publicly tell her tale of what happened during her “business meeting” with the Oscar-winning producer.

      “They’re taking the investigation by steps,” said Godosky. Asked if the case would go to a grand jury, he replied, “That’s the decision of the New York County district attorney.”

      Weinstein has insisted the investigation will clear him. The Hollywood hot shot was behind “Pulp Fiction,” “Gangs of New York” and “Shakespeare in Love,” among other box office and critical successes.

      Battilana, once a contender for the crown of Miss Italy, shares a modeling agency with top catwalkers Bar Refaeli, Bridget Hall, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzgova.

      Her employer lists the statuesque stunner as 5-foot-10 with dark brown hair.


      Matthew Galluzzo, a former Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor, said he expected the current investigation would include a session with Weinstein and his attorneys.

      “I think they’re probably going to give Harvey Weinstein and his lawyer an opportunity to respond,” said Galluzzo. “I would say there’s no urgency in terms of flight risk. They will probably invite him in, if he wants to come.”

      According to Galluzzo, Weinstein could face misdemeanor charges of forcible touching or sexual abuse if the allegations prove credible.

      The prosecutor will likely check for “prompt outcry” witnesses — friends or relatives who heard immediately from the accuser after their 6 p.m. Friday meeting. Any communications between the two — including text messages or emails — could also impact the investigation, he said.

      Battilana’s 2011 testimony about an orgy involving the former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is another factor to consider.

      “They’ll try to assess her credibility, obviously,” said ex-prosecutor Galluzzo.

      A source told the News that the model had also sued a 70-year-old man, known as Mr. G., for sexual assault when she was still underaged. The Italian man claimed the relationship was consensual, and he lavished her with pricey gifts in return for her sexual favors.

      Godosky was hired to replace Mark Heller as the accuser’s lawyer on Wednesday as the probe moved forward. There was no immediate explanation for the switch in representation.

      The high-profile Heller’s colorful clientele has included Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina, self-proclaimed “King of All Pimps” Jason Itzler and “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis.

      Godosky is a former Bronx prosecutor who was also appointed as a criminal court judge by Mayor Michael Bloomberg before returning to work as a trial lawyer.
      I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
      Marcus Garvey

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        escart ar sextartionist ting?
        I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
        Marcus Garvey

        satire protected speech soo more fiyah


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          Model who accused Harvey Weinstein of groping her 'offered to drop the charges in exchange for a movie role'

          Ambra Battilana, 22, did not 'co-operate' with authorities for four days
          Has been claimed delay was because she wanted to try and land a film role
          But once that came to nothing, she decided to pursue the criminal case
          Sting by NYPD shows Weinstein did not deny touching her, it is claimed
          He denies allegations and has spoken to police, who have not filed charges

          The former Miss Italy finalist who has accused film mogul Harvey Weinstein of molesting her tried to use the accusation to secure a movie role, it has been alleged.

          Ambra Battilana, 22, did not 'co-operate' with authorities for four days after her initial report to police saying she was groped by Weinstein during a 'business meeting' at his office in Manhattan.

          It has been claimed the delay was because the Italian model and her manager were working behind the scenes to try and land her a film role.

          But once the 'pipe dream' came to nothing, she decided to pursue the criminal case, sources told the New York Post.

          After filing her police report on Friday, March 27, Battilana was eventually interviewed by Manhattan DA prosecutors on Wednesday, April 1, at the NYPD Special Victims Squad's office in East Harlem.

          Sources told the New York Post her former lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, withdrew from the case as he was concerned Battilana did not appear to be a 'serious victim'.

          The day after submitting her police report, the Italian model attended a Saturday matinee of the Weinstein-produced Broadway play 'Finding Neverland' and even tweeted a photo of her $277, sixth-row orchestra seat.

          But her new lawyer, David Godosky, refuted the claims, saying: 'She immediately went to the police, immediately cooperating with the Special Victims Squad.'

          Weinstein, who has produced several Oscar-winning films, such as Shakespeare in Love, Pulp Fiction and The King's Speech, is said to have met Battilana on Thursday last week at the opening of a show at Radio City Music Hall.

          The next day he invited her for a business meeting at his Tribeca Film Festival office on Friday night.

          She claimed the 63-year-old Hollywood producer asked her if her breasts were real before touching them and putting his hand up her skirt. He also asked her for a kiss, she claimed.

          Security footage shows the model speaking on the phone as she exited the building half an hour after arriving, it has been reported.

          Mr Weinstein has spoken to police and denied the accusations, but a recorded conversation between him and Battilana shows he did not deny the incident, it has been claimed.

          'He didn't deny doing what she said he did to her,' the source told the New York Daily News. 'The content of the phone call, there's no question about what he did.'

          She also convinced him to meet him a restaurant and the NYPD were also there to watch that meeting, according to the newspaper.

          It is not clear if he was aware he was being monitored, but following the call and the meeting, he voluntarily went to speak with police on Saturday.

          He requested a lawyer and has promised full cooperation with the probe.

          Weinstein could face misdemeanor charges of forcible touching or sexual abuse if the allegations are credible. No charges have been filed and his representatives say they believe he will be cleared.

          'We are confident that we will be fully vindicated,' a Weinstein spokesman said.

          A source close to The Weinstein Company told Page Six the groping allegations were nothing more than a 'blackmail attempt' and insisted the award-winning producer 'did nothing wrong'.

          Weinstein's camp have dismissed Battilana as an opportunist with a suspect past.

          It has emerged that Battilana previously told Italian authorities she witnessed a so-called 'bunga-bunga' orgy involving disgraced Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi at his Milan mansion in 2010.

          She claimed she had seen young models performing stripteases and baring their breasts to be kissed by the Italian leader during a raunchy dinner party.

          It was also revealed she told Italian police in 2010 she was 'forced against' her will into having sex for money with a 70-year-old 'businessman of substantial means' when she was underage.

          Battilana met the wealthy car dealer in September 2009 when she was under 18 and therefore below the age of consent for prostitution in Italy, according to Italian newspaper reports.

          In her police statement, she said the man invited her into his car, where he then caressed 'my hand and left leg' and proposed 'that I become his 'playmate', she said.

          Battilana said he then gave her a bag with €2,000, before assuring her it was only 'an advance of the €5,000 he would give me every month'.

          She added: 'Despite the indecency of the proposal, both because of my psychological subjection in which I found myself and because of the severe poverty of my family I felt forced against my will not to refuse the money.'

          I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
          Marcus Garvey

          satire protected speech soo more fiyah


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