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Very Odd Jamaican Family Dynamics

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  • Very Odd Jamaican Family Dynamics

    After my shock at the Bunny Lee 35 children business, I have recently had discussions with a quite a few Jamaicans regarding family dynamics. The consensus is that it is not unusual historically for men to have many children with different women. Yes we know some of this goes on but the extent is shocking.

    I particularly don't get the 2 women pregnant at one time business. Yes these nasty practices were introduced during slavery but isn't it time we moved beyond this bizarre behaviour. I have even heard about cases of 3 women pregnant at one time and, a Chinese Jamaican told me that his grand Uncle had 4 Black women pregnant at one time. I always thought the Chinese were fairly well behaved when it came to this sort of thing. Yes I know the emperor had concubines but other than that. What is the excuse there? They did not go through slavery.
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    Still awaiting a response. I always thought Bunny Lee was from a good family so this is shocking. I thought the women hanging out in the studio were for the musicians but seems he was rooksin NUFF of them. He was married at one time so this is even more shocking.


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