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What do you think of OWN's TV Show About Affairs?

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  • What do you think of OWN's TV Show About Affairs?

    The message it is giving is that people should just forgive and forget. I think that is a dangerous message.

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    See what I mean about musicians and entertainers.

    Why would ANY woman reconcile with a DAWG like this.


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      Blu there are a couple that will really sweet you where the woman was having an affair. She left the husband and then found out that the lover was having an affair with someone else behind HER back or that he refused to take allow her children to live with them.

      There was one where the weave wearing married Black woman became "engaged" to a married White man and only after leaving her husband did she find out that there was a 3rd woman in the picture. The woman called her.

      I won't post the clips as some of the footage as it is a bit. You can find it on YouTube:

      Vince and Renee: Wife Leaves Husband for Cheating Fiance

      ANY man who will fool around on his wife will fool around on his girlfriend. Flippin slut....serve ar right.
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