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ow oomen shood dress in the bedroom fe impress

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  • ow oomen shood dress in the bedroom fe impress

    Always opt for matching sets, don stockings but NEVER wear a corset or thong: Men reveal how women should be dressing to impress in the bedroom

    Over half of men would judge a woman if she wore unattractive underwear
    Men love matching sets and women say they feel best in them too
    Men do, however, hate thongs and baby doll dresses in the bedroom

    Have you ever considered that your choice of underwear could be wreaking havoc with your sex life?

    According to new research, what you wear in the bedroom has a major impact on how the opposite sex perceives you.

    The vast majority of both men and women polled agreed that underwear affects how attractive they find the opposite sex - with over half of men saying they'd judge a woman if she wore unattractive underwear.

    The findings revealed that 86 per cent of men said that the kind of underwear a woman wears affects how attractive they find them, and 71 per cent of ladies said that the kind of underwear a man chooses to wear 'matters to them'.

    So how do men think women should dress to impress? The research revealed that men like matching sets of lingerie worn with a pair of stockings, but they really despise corsets.

    Contrary to popular belief, only 19 per cent of men find thongs attractive and only 6 per cent would be impressed by a baby doll outfit.

    Luckily for ladies, 43 per cent reported that they feel most attractive when wearing a matching set of underwear.

    Something else that both men and women agreed on was that old or unattractive boxers are not acceptable, with 59 per cent of women saying they would judge a guy for wearing 'unattractive or old boxers', and 52 per cent of men saying the same for women's underwear.

    Discussing the finding, a spokesperson for the OnePulse mobile app, who commissioned the research, said: 'We wanted to poll our users to understand what males and females find attractive on the opposite sex.

    'As our data demonstrates, the type of lingerie that a man or a woman wears affects how attractive the opposite sex find them, and perception of what is "most attractive" is consistent for both genders.'

    Discussing the results, Emily Bendell, CEO of Bluebella, said: ďFeeling great in amazing lingerie makes you feel confident and itís that confidence that is most attractive of all.

    'Thatís why great lingerie is for everyday and not just the bedroom.

    'It gives you an extra spring in your step! Always choose designs that reflect your personal style and personality.'

    Annabelle Knight, resident sexpert of Lovehoney, added: 'Imagine how attractive you find a partner when you see them wearing a really amazing set of underwear - that is a two way street.

    'By wearing a set of particularly exuberant lingerie, your partner and yourself can share a secret - only the two of you would know what you're wearing under your clothes, which can heighten a shared sense of adventure.'
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