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Now this makes me want to vomit

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  • Now this makes me want to vomit

    Mother, 38, marries Jamaican toyboy half her age who romanced her on Skype - and she got pregnant the first time they met

    • Angharad Lovering, 38, fell in love with Loric Bullock, 19, on Skype
    • Office worker then took her holiday and went to meet him in Jamaica
    • When she came back pregnant she said: 'It was a sign we're meant to be'
    • Weeks later he proposed by text and the couple married last May in Wales

    A 38-year-old mother-of-two who married a Jamaican toyboy almost half her age after he romanced her on Skype and Blackberry Messenger today insisted they are the 'real deal'.

    Angharad Lovering, 38, from South Wales, flew to the Caribbean for a three-week holiday to meet Loric Bullock, then 19, and says she knew it was 'meant to be' when she came back pregnant.

    Her new lover then proposed by text and despite having only met him once she accepted and took out a £3,000 loan to pay for his temporary British visa before marrying him last May.

    Loric proposed to Angharad via text just weeks later and, despite having only met once, she said yes - and took out a loan to pay for a £3,000 temporary visa for her new fiance.
    She is not only a slut but also a bleeding jackass.

    In October 2013 she gave birth to their baby boy, Tyrese - with a doctor holding her hand and Loric 5,000 miles away on the end of the phone.

    It was not until March 2014, when Tyrese was five months old, that Loric got his visa and could fly to the UK to meet his son for the first time - and his fiancé for the second - marrying in the May.

    The couple now live together in Cardiff with their son Tyrese, now one, and Angharad's daughter from a previous relationship, Daisy, 15.

    Ms Lovering admits that people often mistake Loric for for her son or her teenage daughter's boyfriend.

    'I don't look as old as I am and I certainly don't dress my age because I don't want to look my age. I don't have wrinkles so I'm lucky.'But Loric has a baby face. A couple of people have said to my daughter, "Is that your boyfriend?" and she has to say, "No, it's my stepfather."
    'I keep a very small circle of friends and I don't really get on with my family so I don't give a damn what they think.'
    Angharad and Loric, now 22, first started talking when she took Daisy - whose father is Jamaican - over to the country to meet her grandparents in 2012.
    'While I was there I met some guy and through that I got talking to Loric on Blackberry Messenger,' said Angharad.

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    Notice all of this ugly white woman's children are black.

    I never realized there were so many Black people in Wales.

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    <groan!> This world is upside down...
    aka ChurchDude. I want that moniker back! Until then....

    "Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to"
    ~ Anon


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