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Okay men....why....

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  • Okay men....why....

    Why would any man select a woman who wears skimpy clothing and shows of her boobs to be the mother of his children?

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    You are assuming that:

    (a) men select women in skimpy clothing. It's almost always the other way around. (Women in skimpy clothing are just good at making men THINK that they selected them)

    (b) men are thinking about fathering a child when they are with a woman in skimpy clothing. Our brains are not capable of that level of clarity of thought...when skimpy clothing is...well, in view.


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        Another assumption seemingly being made is that if a man chooses a woman who dresses conservatively she is going to make a great wife and mother. Nothing may be further from the truth. She may have bad ways that make the skimpy dresser seem like a great catch. My experience is that all women have some type of fault (or faults). It usually turns out to be a question of what faults can a man live with. Even if you compile a list of positive attributes and seek out a woman with them, you are going to discover that she also has negative attributes and the question again boils down to can you tolerate those while accepting the positives. If skimpy dressing is the negative and the woman has other good attributes being sought (eg affectionate, educated, dedicated etc) then maybe shimpy dressing is a good deal compared to a woman who does not have those positives. My 2 cents.


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          No one is making assumptions but seriously, how could this be wife material?



          I am talking about the one on the right with no panties and no bra. Her Twitter handle says it all.
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            I am not in the loop so I absolutely do not know who they are. I am not certain you can always judge a book by its cover as some of these ladies may not have been expecting to be going out in front of a camera or else one would think if they were expecting a camera they would have dressed a little bit more conservatively.
            That being said I am not certain any man (Mr. Bolt included) is necessarily looking for a wife on every date he goes on. He may have been just looking for a good time to ease the boredom of being alone in his hotel room until he got back home. I am sure Mr. Bolt has many litmus tests which must be passed before he produces a ring for marriage. I do not think he got to world fame level by making flash in the pan decisions.


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              They went out in public looking like that MANY times. I know the identity of the one on the right now but I will not be the one to reveal it.


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