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A Blonde was Behind it - Why am I not surprised?

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  • A Blonde was Behind it - Why am I not surprised?

    Gotcha! The Blonde By George Zimmerman’s Side During Domestic Dispute Identified! (PHOTOS)

    During his recent domestic dispute with estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman, George Zimmerman was seen with a mystery blonde woman by his side thanks to all the media coverage.
    It was rumored that George had rekindled his relationship with former fiancee Veronica Suazo [whom he had also had domestic violence issues with in the past] after his acquittal, but it was actually Samantha Scheibe who was by his side this week when he got into an altercation with Shellie and her father.
    DailyMail reports:
    According to the police report of Monday’s incident, Scheibe, 27, was ‘visibly shaken.’
    Scheibe claimed not to know what was going on when armed police responded to Shellie’s panicked 911 call claiming that Zimmerman was threatening her father and was armed.
    Shellie later retracted her allegation that Zimmerman had punched her father David Dean on the nose and it was established that no gun was brandished as was originally claimed.
    On Wednesday, police admitted it might be months before they can establish the true course of events. An iPad on which Shellie was recording the dispute was ‘shattered’ and ‘in several pieces’ after Zimmerman reportedly grabbed it, opened it with a pocketknife and dashed it on the ground.
    But at the end of the 911 call an incensed Shellie can clearly be heard screaming: ‘There’s a woman in there!’
    Samantha, 26, is who Shellie refers to as Zimmerman’s “latest babe,” according to one close friend. She lives just a few moments drive from the scene of Monday’s drama and refused to provide a statement, though she confirmed to police that there were guns in George Zimmerman’s truck. Both have concealed weapons permits.

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    Why doesn't she just hang out in front of the blonde's house. He'll turn up there eventually.

    hellie Zimmerman is trying to divorce the man who in July was acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, but can't locate Zimmerman to serve him with legal documents.Zimmerman's disappearance comes two weeks after police responded to a "domestic altercation" at a Florida home owned by his father-in-law, David Bryant Dean.
    Shellie Zimmerman's attorney, Kelly Sims, told CNN that he isn't shocked by Zimmerman's disappearance under the circumstances.
    "We don't know where he is, but that's neither surprising or unusual. I'm sure when the time is right we will serve him, and there is no indication that Mr. Zimmerman is actively avoiding same. A little space and time between the couple just makes sense," said Sims.
    Zimmerman is not facing any legal ramifications from the domestic dispute as of now, but police say it may take months for investigators to decide whether charges will result from the incident.
    Shellie Zimmerman called 911 from the house in Lake Mary owned by her father during a confrontation with her husband on Sept. 9.
    "He's in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun saying 'step closer' and he's going to shoot us," she told the dispatcher. Shellie Zimmerman told police her husband smashed her iPad during the dispute.
    Zach Hudson, spokesman for the Lake Mary Police Department, said charges will not be filed until investigators can recover video from the iPad.
    "The iPad is in really bad shape," Hudson said. "It could take weeks or months to get video off the iPad."
    Read more:

    Seriously, what's up with chicks who stick by men who do dastardly deeds and then expect sympathy when things inevitably head south?


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      i find people who take pictures of themselves fascinating. i mean even your dog can hit the flash button if you put some bacon bit on it.
      When Miley Cyrus gets naked and licks a hammer it's *art* and *music* - when I do it I'm *wasted* and *have to leave the hardware store*.


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