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Dealing with Persistent Men

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    Of course I do but why do they always have to be men who fit categories on my do not date list?

    He lives on the other side of the earth and he has a name like Prince _______ and he lives somewhere that means he is probably Muslim, what's the point? Also he is wearing dark glasses in his photo and that is always highly suspicious.

    I hardly run into men who fit the categories on my DO date list.

    I'm going to an event tomorrow where there should be a lot of them. Hope they are not of the "wouldn't be interested even if I stripped down and gave them a lap dance" variety.

    Now if Neutral became available with that sexy voice and the way he looks hot in those leather pants.


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      Hmmm maybe not he is talking about Jesus in what he has posted but it's hard to get past de lives on the other side of the world and poses in darkas bizniz.

      Maybe next time I am ovah soh.

      Naw any grown man who types like a high school or university student is suspect:

      Am grad t hv u as friend

      So tell me, U re frm were


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        Mr. Right may be knocking at your door and yu a run him or a lead him on by buying patties and things, accepting cappacino..... yu like him a bit deep down no act liek yu oil grease and everyting curry.

        Oh and who cares if he is a musician?? Yu may need to reanalyze your standards and who and who not you are looking for, else you will end up single foreva!

        If you dont like muscians.....why not say you dont like a guy who is not making a honest living or is unemployed...
        ~From the heart of a yawdie~


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          a lead him on by buying patties and things, accepting cappacino
          How is that leading him on? I was just being neighbourly?

          From what I understand now, even saying hello can be perceived as leading someone on. Look at the ole geezer suing the blonde.


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            Originally posted by FLUFFY View Post

            Oh and who cares if he is a musician?? Yu may need to reanalyze your standards and who and who not you are looking for, else you will end up single foreva!

            If you dont like muscians.....why not say you dont like a guy who is not making a honest living or is unemployed...

            I have never had success with a musician. They are always a problem. I was married to one. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again even when it's clear it's not working.


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              Note to self:

              Do not open the door if you are not expecting anyone.

              It was him!!

              "I haven't seen you around in a while so I just thought I would pop by to see how you are doing"

              I made sure to come out to the corridor and close the it was clear he was not invited in.

              It did not helped by him talking about the concerts he is rehearsing the students for at school for Christmas.

              How do I tell this guy that I think all musicians are jerkasauruses and he is wasting his time?

              Of course my Dad played the organ at church but that was later in life and that's different. His uncle was a trumpet player all over the north coast and im did ave nuff ooman an pickney.

              If I liked this guy I could knock on his door 10 times a day, strip dung and gi a lapdance and he would ignore me.

              Disclaimer: I have never given anyone a lapdance. I just like to talk about it for dramatic effect.

              cryinguncontrollably.gif Why do I keep attracting musicians? bawling.gif Where are all the normal non-gallis non-commitment phobic men?
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                Originally posted by goldilocks View Post
                Just tell them you a look marriage and children immediately if not sooner, and any home they provide must have a mother-in-law suite. dem will
                Good advice.


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                  I hope that when I reach the pearly gates and I as the Father "what happened" he doesn't say "I sent the guy to knock on your door 4 times, what more did you expect me to do?


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                    Oh no....just when I thought he had given up, he is trying to friend me on SM.

                    Now if I liked this guy and he wasn't into me, I could strip down and give him a lap dance and it would have NO effect. Why are men so strange?

                    No I have not tested out the lap dance thing and I don't plan to but men you KNOW it's true.


                    • #40
                      Well I really blew it. Thought this guy had given up. Ran into him a few months ago with the woman he had introduced to me as his girlfriend the first time I met him.

                      I was relieved. Good she is back in the picture now im a go tap baddah baddah me.

                      About 2 months ago I ran into him. He had photos in his hand. Oh I have been hoping to run into you. I am wondering if you have a scanner and would be so kind as to scan these photos of my cottage fore me. I want to put them on Airbnb. I said that I was extremely busy and hadn't even scanned my own photos or photos I had promised to scan for my family. He gave me the photos and his card (again) to email them to him.

                      Next thing friend request came on ____________ which I ignored. Ran into him. "Oh I hope you don't mind I friended you on ________________". I didn't answer.

                      I deliberately took months to scan them. I deliberately took months to scan them. Finally emailed them to him. Ran into him....oh I guess I had better come collect them.

                      He did. I ALWAYS talk to him in the hall. I gave him back his photos and he says "Thank you. Now you have to let me take you out for a coffee". I have not answered him up until now. When he showed up, he had a DVD and asked if I would like to watch it. I said only if it is clean.

                      Next thing email come.

                      Just wondering if you have any contacts to help ________ my roommate find a job? She is currently in sales at _________and is making a very low hourly wage.

                      It's the SAME woman he introduced to me as his girlfriend.

                      What part of the world know does this guy fail to understand? How do you say no in Italian?

                      So without being rude, how do I handle this situation?

                      Yet when I see a guy I like, even if I was to strip dung and gi im a lapdance I couldn't spark his interest.


                      • #41
                        Hupdate in response to my comment..yes I met your girlfriend already:

                        _____is the girl you met---who is more of a roommate---the girl who lives with me. Good friend.
                        Translation....yes she is everytime I need my oil changed and I am rooksin her regularly but I have no intentions of committing to her and I rooks anyone else who will let me.

                        Flippin dawgaurus..... my mother didn't give birth to any stupid children.

                        Last "neighbour" who kept bugging me to go for coffee ending up offering to come over and change my lightbulbs whenever I wanted him to.

                        Read my lips...I ain't no flippin booty call....


                        • #42
                          Okay men don't jump dung mi t'roat but how do I nicely and without appearing to be stuck up tell a Jamaican guy I am not interested in him because he drops his h's and I he has let the occasional bad wud slip.

                          If I say "I am not interested in you because you drop your h's sometimes and you have let the occasional bad wud slip" he will say that mi snooty and mi tink mi nice". Besides this is another one who seems to have forgotten that he mentionned girlfriend the first time I met him. Read my lips....I am not side chick material.

                          Why are men so strang? Always when you are not interested they pursue. If I liked any of these guys and they weren't interested in me, I wouldn't be able to spark their interest even if chased them to the end of the earth, stripped down and gave them a lap dance and a


                          • #43
                            Oh I answered Q long time

                            Just went back over this thread. Man I talk about lap dances a LOT
                            Last edited by Tropicana; 03-04-2016, 09:28 PM.


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                              Hupdate: Persistence paid off.....I have been dating a REAL yardie for 1 1/2 years. He is nothing like anyone I ever thought I would date and im accent strong.

                              He was VERY persistent.........would NOT give up until I started to like him. No i did not have to give him a lap dance..........


                              • #45
                                Dis is truly ah miracle Tropi! My prayers are with di gentleman. I hav not been here in quite ah while.
                                Last edited by j-kid; 04-15-2017, 04:57 AM.
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