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Dealing with Persistent Men

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  • DearK
    You"re sending mixed messages- if you weren't interested, you wouldnt have gotten him a patty at all. And you certainly wouldnt have enteretained him at the door of your home!

    You do like the attention of an Italian neighbor. Even if its to be neighborly. And who knows, maybe thats his way of being "neighborly" too.

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  • Tropicana
    started a topic Dealing with Persistent Men

    Dealing with Persistent Men

    Still dodging the Italian music teacher in my building Been avoiding him for months. Today on the way out of the underground he was standing right there. He parks in the spot near the exit now.

    Flagged me down. Told me he was playing hookie from school today. Stuck his head in my car asking where I was going. Told him off to buy Jamaican patties. He said I always wanted to try one. I said okay I will get you one. He said "Oh okay come up to my apartment it is ###. "Do you like latte or cappuccino"...I said "Cappuccino".

    So I got him a mild and an extra spicy. But mi was so hungry that when me done mine mi did eat one of his.

    Returned all set with my excuses:

    - got to go out
    - waiting for a call
    - got to get the frozen patties in my freezer

    So I knocked on his door...thank God im nevah mi lef de bag with the pattie pon de hangle.

    Came down. Within 10 minutes heard a knock on the door. Ignored it. Knocking some more. Went to the door it was him Remember he had gone as far as calling my Italian landlady to find out if she was renting to me when I slipped out form telling him my apartment number.

    Anyway, he had the cappuccino in a paper cup for me. "Oh I don't know how I didn't hear you." I said "You must have been busy." Hear him "Can you come up now?"

    Hey they don't call me Miss Prude City fi nutten.

    I said "Oh I am expecting a conference call." kinda....I was expecting a call but it was not a conference call or scheduled.

    I said "Enjyoy you pattie. I got you a mild one." Hear hiim "Oh I like spicey can I try a spicey one"

    So I said "Wait right there and I'll give you a frozen one that you can heat up." He start poking his face in the door "Oh you have a piano?" I said "Yes wait right there." Gave him the pattie said enjoy it I got to run. Oh Oh let me pay you for it." Me "The cappuccino was payment enough...thanks".

    Guess he is hoping for booty calls like my last neighbour.

    You know if I was interested in him and he wasn't interested in me I could chase him from hear to Italy and back again and even gi im lap dance and salsiccia would never even get off the couch for a mili-second.

    Tips on dealing with persistent men? Tonx.

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