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After 7 snack ideas

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  • After 7 snack ideas

    Been busting my butt on the treadmill at work everyday. Seeing good results but they could be better if my snack habits were to improve.

    I know that eating after 7 pm is frowned upon. But honestly, I only ever want to really eat at that time of day.

    So instead of having dinner then, or snacking on all the wrong things what can I do to stave off the hunger pangs?

    And please no suggestions that I nibble on celery/carrots/broccoli - I detest them. Thanks
    Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.

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    Yogurt nuff water, fruits, nice salad with your favorite fruits


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      Oh write me a story and I'll give you more tips


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        Nunya, try 5-6 small meals throughout the day, heavy on protein. Also eat fresh fruit to carbo-load before your workout and have a handful of nuts right after.


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          Ms Exced: Yuh a go ransom de tips dem now??? *yeyebrow* btw, gimmie some attractive salad recipes no? Cawse lawd, I find salads to be sooooo boring... even afta mi add cheese and raisins which mi usually have on hand...

          Peasie: I grab a break when I can and then hit the treadmill. I don't really have the time to eat before I go - unless I want to cut back on the time I spend there. The nuts I can do after. I drink water all the time - it is my favourite bev.

          Still rhatid hungry betime 7 o'clock rolls around though
          Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.


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            my exercise guys sey

            "yuh not really hungry...go brush yuh teeth and drink some water an go a yuh bed "

            same so
            When its hot in the jungle of peace I go swimming in the ocean of love.....


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              embrace the hunger
              “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”


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                make your dinner your lunch and the have some protein b4 workout and some nuts after

                den drink hot tea and go u bed
                If you don't fight for what you deserve, you deserve what you get.
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