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Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

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  • Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

    <span style="font-weight: bold"> Romantic Jamaican Valentine </span>

    Enter our Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest and win a 3 night stay for two in Negril Jamaica.

    To enter the contest simply post HERE your idea of a Romantic Valentine in Jamaica. You can use Photos, Cartoons, Video and other props in your post. Please keep the material in accordance with our board rules.

    The contest starts Feb 2nd, 2009 and ends on Feb 16th, 2009. Our panel of judges will pick the winner.

    The winner will be announced on Feb 20th in this forum and he or she will win 3 nights stay for two at the Whistling Bird in Negril, Jamaica.

    <span style="font-weight: bold">PRIZE(S)</span>:

    The winner of “Romantic Jamaican Valentine” will win a 3 night stay for two people at the Whistling Bird in Negril, Jamaica, courtesy of Negril Resorts Association . (Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes)

    <span style="font-weight: bold">CONTEST RULES</span>:

    * This contest is open to everyone, worldwide, age 18 and older. (Including moderators)
    * reserves the right to publish contestant’s submitted material on all our online distribution channels.
    * Only one submission per person
    * You are allowed only one edit after initial submission.
    * All members of may enter this contest give away.
    * No purchase necessary.
    * Limit one entry per person.
    * The contest begins February 2nd , 2009. All entries must be received by 11:59 PM EST on February 16, 2009.
    * Eligibility: Void where prohibited by law.
    * Conduct: By entering this Contest, you agree to be bound by these rules. Judges decisions are final.
    Out of Many One People Online

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    Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009

    My idea of a Romantic Valentine in Jamaica is a trip where our 2 year-old stays with his grandmother and my husband and I get to enjoy the beautiful weather, wonderful vibes, and uplifting reggae music of Jamaica. My husband is a native, and I became a Jamaicaholic after my very first visit in 2001. We would walk the beach hand-in-hand, dance and party all night, and remind ourselves all over again why we love each other so much, in a place where you just can't help but to feel relaxed, happy, joyful and at peace. We met at Margaritaville in MoBay in 2004, dancing cheek to cheek and me winding for him. We are coming up on our 4th wedding anniversary. I can't think of a better place to celebrate our love - the place where fate put us together.


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      Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

      My idea of a romantic Valentine in Jamaica: On arrival walking along the beach and exploring on the eve of Valentine – then enjoy a quiet light dinner at the local restaurant. Getting up the next morning and fixing our breakfast: lots of fresh local fruits, juices, and yogurt – relax and have this in bed while listening to Jazz Music, laze around in bed for a couple more hours. For lunch, a picnic basket – a long walk on the beach – find an isolated spot for champagne lunch: lobster salad, pasta, lots of bread and cheeses and fruits. Lie around while listening to the ocean with Jazz music in the background – relax and read our favorite books. Head back to the room for a nice long bath and massage – we are our own masseuse. Stop by the bar for a few Martinis before dinner. Dinner should be for at least 2 hours long: no rush, between courses, lots of conversations between us, soak up the atmosphere. After dinner head to a place with great music and do a lot of dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Next day – plan to see the local sites.



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        Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

        My life was truly changed the day I stepped my feet on the beautiful island of Jamaica! My soul was touched by the people that I immediately connected with from the airport all the way to St. Ann's Bay where my very dear friends Devon and Judith Edwards live.
        Our relationship with this couple and their children is deeper than you can imagine and has changed my life, for the better, in more ways than I can count!
        We met Devon at a resort in Runaway Bay and he offered to show us the &quot;REAL&quot; Jamaica. We accepted and so he did. We met his family and had dinner with them and met everyone in the neighborhood(all the children even call my husband &quot;the big white man&quot; and run to him when we get there). We were so welcomed and accepted that we wanted to give back. We used to come and bring gifts and play games and swim with all the children in the neighborhood and brought necklaces with crosses on them for the adults. This went on for about 7 years until we became financially unable to even get to the island. I have dreamed about the days we spent there and long to reconnect with this community again.
        We still &quot;help&quot; Devon and Judith when we can and talk to them on the phone but it would be so wonderful to be able to see them. Judith, particularly, because last year she suffered a stroke and has been ill since.
        This may not seem so romantic to some, but for me and my husband there would be NOTHING we would rather do than to come and surprise Devon and Judith and spend time with them and the rest of our extended family of Jamaica.

        Thank you!


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          Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

          My Entry,

          My idea of a romantic Jamaican valentine.

          I would love to spend the day picnicking at Boon Hall Oasis with my soul mate of 5 wonderful years. enjoying the sound of the waterfalls and the breathtaking views of the beautiful surrounding filled with numerous colors of plants and flowers while entwining in each others arms. I believe that nature has a way of showing lovers how to really love and care for each other. It would be really nice to just getaway from the hustle of the town for the day, and inhale to fresh clean air of the garden and get some really long awaited quality time together, with no cell phone, Just the two of us ahhhhh I can just imagine it now.... the 2 of us chatting away telling each other sweet love notes laughing, playing as we love to do so much holding each others hands, butterfly kisses ahhhh.... I can't wait ...


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            Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

            After 5 wonderful years of marriage and 3 beautiful children, my darling and I simply need a getaway for us. Raising a family is hard work. We don't complain but we hardly get time for ourselves. I am Jamaican. He is not - but he thinks he is.. LOL. I KNOW that Jamaica is the perfect place for a problem free, romantic, reuniting retreat in sweet serenity. We can't wait!!!


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              Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

              Beres Hammond - No Disturb - would be drifting on the air when i wake up

              On and on and on and on and on

              Followed by a lovely breakfast of more of each other

              Then pack a picnic basket and head to

              Twin massages at Jackie's on the Reef

              If we can still drive, head over to Lover’s Leap

              Hand fed jackfruit, sweetsop, papaya; chilled coconut jelly is the snack of the day

              Dripping and enjoying the sweet stickiness of it all

              Warm bath at Bath to sooth the body and soul

              And on to Hellshire Beach to swim clinging together in the ocean for hours

              Gazing into each others eyes, bodies pressed tightly together, just for each other only

              Leisurely make our way to Port Antonio, laughing, touching, sensating

              Laze around with nature and nakedness in our little cabin by the sea with candles glowing and incense adding enhance to the vibe

              Head to Ochie and dance until the moon sets and the sun arrives

              on to Mobay and breakfast at Pelicans with a visit to the sereneness of Doctor’s Cave Beach

              Pick up some jerk and stripes in a scandal bag at the Pork Pit packaged to go

              Ride home chilling, holding hands, enjoying soft tunes, along with playful conversation

              Go to sleep whispering sweet, sweet prayers of love...


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                Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

                and abu would have a &quot;babysitter&quot;


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                  Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

                  I think we have a winner ~


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                    Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

                    But hold on! you know I can't just let Seveen walk away wid it, LOL...gotta try a thing

                    <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'"><span style="color: #FF0000">
                    <span style="font-size: 14pt">Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
                    Hibiscus and Ginger and Jasmine are too.
                    I Miss You, My Lion and Nothing will do
                    but to come back to Jamaica to spend time with you.

                    I know a sweet spot on the beach in Negril
                    Called “The Whistling Bird”
                    and I miss it so ‘til….
                    Cute little cottages set back in the shade
                    With sparkling waves for us to play,
                    No better place to wash our cares away
                    Jamaica Bring Back Love
                    like the very first day
                    I looked into your eyes
                    and I wished I could stay

                    A walk on the beach, we can play in the wata
                    Grill up some lobster, watch the sunset soon afta
                    Go to a session and pick up two foot
                    Home to bed, almost sunrise
                    Now don’t that sound good?

                    If I could have one wish
                    don’t you know what it would?
                    Fly Home to my Husband
                    who I love like cook food!

                    It’s been a long time since we had a nice time
                    Sorrow and Joy, many mountains to climb
                    Still I know that you will Always Be Mine
                    My One and Only Jamaican Valentine.</span></span></span></span>
                    **raiseyeyebrows** pon de whole a oonu!


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                      Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

                      <span style="font-style: italic">&quot;I don’t believe the United States of America should be in the business of separating families.
                      That’s not right. That’s not who we are.&quot; <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/frown.gif
                      ~ President Barack Obama </span>


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                        Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)


                        i always like a good contest


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                          Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)


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                            Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

                            even tho, truth be told, I would be no good at it ~

                            still - I wish I could 'play' ....

                            good fun taggin along ~


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                              Re: Romantic Jamaican Valentine Contest 2009 (ENTER HERE)

                              C'mon Laurel, you know you're holding out! I bet Bandi got a thing up her sleeve too.

                              Smitty posted a RIU contest (4 nites in MoBay) on the other board too, it's a quiz.
                              **raiseyeyebrows** pon de whole a oonu!


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