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  • ANSWERS to the QUIZ OF THE MONTH (November)

    Here's the latest edition of our QUIZ of the MONTH feature. There are 10 questions, each one with 4 potential answers. Only one answer is correct.

    The Quiz is designed like a poll. The results will show not the correct answers, but the answers that the majority of the participants have selected. For correct answers check back as I will post them at the completion of the Quiz.

    This months questions are from a wide variety of topics including geography, current events, sports, culture and history.

    Please post any suggestions or questions below. I hope you enjoy another session of edu'tainment. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/70409-waytogo.gif[/img]

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    Re: QUIZ OF THE MONTH (November)

    bwoy Magic mi noh kno bout da quiz yah at all


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      Re: QUIZ OF THE MONTH (November)

      Hey Magic,

      I did the quiz and saw the percentages, but now when I go back to recheck, there are no percentages in view....wha gwan?
      Jamaica...NOTHING is as it seems.


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        Re: QUIZ OF THE MONTH (November)

        This sometimes happens when you use AOL, or your computer at work. Something to do with firewall and cookies. What might help (other than using a different connection) is to hold down the Ctrl key and click reload. Try it.

        If not, the answers with what the people guessed will be posted in a few days. Thanks for playing.


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          Re: QUIZ OF THE MONTH (November)

          Answers coming within 12 hours...


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            Re: QUIZ OF THE MONTH (November)

            ANSWERS to the QUIZ (NOV 2006)

            The current Governor-General of Jamaica is: His Excellency the Most Hon.
            <font color="green">Prof. Kenneth Hall</font>
            <font color="blue">52% Answered Correctly </font>

            The Caribbean Cricket Team is called the
            <font color="green">Windies</font>
            <font color="blue">85% Answered Corectly</font>

            Complete the following Jamaican Proverb: "When breeze blow fowl feader, you find out seh fowl got _______"
            <font color="green">Skin </font>
            <font color="red">46% Answered Correctly </font>

            The Postal Code Kingston 10 is for this area:
            <font color="green">Half Way Tree</font>
            <font color="blue">61% Answered Correctly </font>

            The original inhabitants of Jamaica were:
            <font color="green">Both Taino and Arawak</font>
            <font color="red">41% Answered Correctly </font>
            Both groups were present in Jamaica, and excavations throughout the islands show two unique cultures having lived on the island.

            Which was NOT a parish at the time of the Great Port Royal Earthquake?
            <font color="green">Westmoreland</font>
            <font color="blue">62% Answered Correctly </font>

            The Postal Code Kingston 7 is for this area:
            <font color="green">Mona</font>
            <font color="red">30% Answered Correctly </font>
            Constant Spring's postal code is Kgn 8, the code Kgn 7 serves Mona

            Complete the following Jamaican Proverb: "Maarga cow, __________________"
            <font color="green">a bull mumma </font>
            <font color="red">19% Answered Correctly </font>
            I had to laugh when I saw some of you select the incorrect choices I made up. It does make sense to have a maarga cow than no cow at all, but that's not a Jamaican proverb, but a a Magic one made up last week!

            The University of the West Indies - Mona is commonly referred to as:
            <font color="green">Uwee</font>
            <font color="blue">86% Answered Correctly </font>

            The winners of the recent Boardlane General Election was the:
            <font color="green">BCP (Big Chat Party)</font>
            <font color="blue">65% Answered Correctly </font>
            Yuh done know!

            I hope you've enjoyed this edition of the QUIZ of the MONTH. <font color="purple">Look for another edition titled QUIZ OF THE MONTH (DEC Part 1) in the coming days.


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