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Jamaica-more than a beach!

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    Re: Jamaica-more than a beach!

    Thanks Magic and Tea. Learn something new everyday.

    Also try Crystal Springs; Spring Garden, Portland. Very relaxing.

    Bath Fountain; Bath, St. Thomas

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      Re: Jamaica-more than a beach!

      The Green Grotto Caves is in Discovery Bay, St Ann...closer to Trelawny. Ohliz, it is possible that it may've been Green Grotto but it has since gone through extensive renovation ( not the caves itself)new admninistration building, ticket office and lighted pathways with rails. May be a good idea to take another look,...unless you are claustrophoibic!

      Yes Churchgirl, add Crystal Spring to the list of must see. Bath Fountain (St Thomas) (a mineral spring) requires a great deal of renovation, I wouldn't feel comfortable sending people there right now, unless of course they are not too particular about the aesthetics but what the spring has to offer. The Milk River Bath (Clarendon) is quite excellent in mineral properties too, but again needs touch-up to its surrounding buildings. By the way, it is a proven fact that this mineral spring (Milk River)is ranked as one of the world's top five in terms of its mineral qualitiesBasically both mineral baths are quite excellent in terms of their qualities and is proven to aid in many ailments, my only concern is the surrounding infrastructure.

      Rockfort mineral bath (Harbour View- Kgn) is also good, it's infrastructure is better than the other, but water/mineral qualities not up to the level of the other two mentioned.

      Yes Majic, Lover's Leap (quite a story behind the name too!) and Firefly are must see.

      Another place of interest is:
      Somerset Falls - Portland
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        Re: Jamaica-more than a beach!

        Regarding the falls....

        I've been to Dunn's River - loved it - one of the most exhilirating experiences I've had. I went to YS Falls last time because someone suggested I do it instead of going back to Dunn's River. I certainly am glad I went, but I was a little sad not to have that same rush I had at Dunn's River.

        I'm going back to Negril in December. I'm tempted to go back to Dunn's River but some are suggesting Mayfield Falls because it's closer - any suggestions?


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          Re: Jamaica-more than a beach!

          There isn't anything quite likeDunn's - someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think any others are on the beach like that, they are inland.

          That said, Mayfield is beautiful and if you get a day there like we did, you won't even know tourists go there, it is very quiet.

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