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Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

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  • Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

    I have always come to Jamaica during the daylight hours, this trip I’m arriving for the first time at night.
    When I get my luggage and step out the side door Sienna and Solomon are waiting for me; we load up the van and drive out of the airport.
    This will be a 2.5 hour drive that will get us into Treasure Beach about 11:00 Pm.

    We’re staying at Jake’s....they have already called to make sure we were on the way.... I assured them of the time of the travel and off we go into the night.

    As we start the drive I lie down in the back of Solomon’s van and try to fall asleep, partly because I’m tired but really I can’t look at the on-coming traffic at night, it scares the b-gibers out of me.

    The smells.....the sounds....the light show, entertain me as we go through the Jamaican countryside.
    I did manage to get some sleep along the way and when Solomon said we’re close I popped up.
    Sure enough we were descending down into treasure Beach, just passing the police station.

    We pulled into Jakes at 11:15. I hopped out to look for the night security guard to get the keys to my cottage.
    The guard and I come out to the van, he jumps in, tells Solomon to drive back down the road about 5 minutes.

    Treasure Cot is a stand-alone cottage right on the water. This place has been in the Jakes family for many years, the history of this place is mind-boggling.
    2 bedrooms with AC, 2 baths, with a kitchen, living room and patio facing the sea.
    The Sea is so loud we were almost yelling at each other at times.

    I was falling in love with the place as I moved around putting stuff away. Sleep came late this first night; I was totally buzzed and babbling away with my friends that I hadn’t seen for 6 months.

    Morning’ was early, why sleep, I can do that back in Phoenix....... just before the sun I was out on the edge of the property next to the Sea.

    What a place, thanks to Sweeet lips I have found another gem of a place.

    The price was very low because I booked way in advance.

    I the AM we are all up and hungry, because of the late arrival we weren’t able to do much shoping; food is the next thing I need to find.

    In TB it’s not that easy to get groceries.... especly after the hurricane destroyed all the fruit.
    First the bakery for the bread and some other pastries, the corner store for eggs, cheese and butter

    Coffee from the Jake’s staff, cream from the corner store on another trip.

    Solomon must fix a flat tire and this was done wile we worked our way around TB getting food to take back to the cottage.

    The cook/house keeper was there when we got back. This lady has been in charge of this house for the past 30 years. During the breakfast preparations she explained some of the history of this 40-year-old cottage.

    Here is the place and the view Alex Haley had when he started writing Roots.

    The furniture is the same; the bed and all the surroundings are the same used wile Haley was working on his book.. Just think here I am surrounded by all this history.

    We did find some veggies for our cheese omlets, with the fresh bread, this made for a wonderful first meal in Jamaica.

    Soon after the breakfast Solomon and Sienna took us up to Black River for a Super Market shopping spree.……I went up to Digicel for a phone, we load up the groceries and back to Treasure Cot to stock up the refrigerator.

    Now we’re set for the first part of my trip.S and S were soon on there way back to Little London, we’re left alone for 3 more nights.
    If you want peace and quiet, with the constant crashing of the waves on the beach this place is the answer.
    If you wanted to read a few books, this is the place.
    If you like walking down the roads of a small quiet Jamaican community, this is the place.

    I worked out a schedule with the cook. She will fix breakfast for the next 3 days and we’ll eat out for diner.

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    Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

    Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get.
    - Anonymous


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      Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!


      WOW - Geo - breathtaking pic.

      Welcome back.
      Sing in the rain, dance in the sun, dream in the light of the moon. (Unknown)


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        Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

        . Jake’s has a good restaurant in the main area and also theirs a restaurant called Jack Sprat farther down the road. This is where we had diner for the 3 reaming nights.

        The food was fantastic and reasonable.... 2 dinners of shrimp and lobster with soup and a drink for $1300J; I was floored at the prices.
        Yes Sweeet lips the dogs were all over the place.

        For 2 days and night peace and quiet were on the schedule.
        Long walks,DVD movies on my Lap Top, reading On The Wing by Allen Tennant (a fantastic book)…Nothing to wild just a laid back stay in Treasure Beach until Eric found me.

        Eric was my driver in Treasure Beach 2 years ago when I stayed at Hikaru. He’s abit on the wild side if it’s happening he knows where it is. I had seen him with Solomon on the first day wile we were looking for the food. He had been trying to find me and I was quietly having a reserved simple trip.

        On the third day I was looking for a place to exchange some money and on the way Eric found me. He drives me to a Sports Bar named Jammin to exchange my money.

        That’s where I met some new friends.

        This day would turn into one of the longest day/nights I had in TB.
        MissM is the money changer, supervisor of the Sports Bar…and the manager/ selector of the club up on a hill under a restaurant called The Onion;, the club is called Jammin’.
        Those of you who are treasure Beach travelers may know the small club, If you don’t it’s a DJ club and MissM is the DJ.

        That night was the only night on my whole trip that I got smashed.
        I sat at the bar and listened to tunes from Motown to” Little Cottage in Negril”,Sanches and many,many more I cant remember.
        I do love my music...this night I was mesmerized by the music..... MissM dancing as she selected the tunes.

        This is a men’s bar and mostly all the Rasta’s in TB were there. Men, Rasta’s can really dance, it’s so strange to be surrounded by the men and the two women behind the bar.
        The next day Solomon would be coming back so I let it ripp!!!!


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          Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

          Morning came in crashing like the surf…thank God for a slow morning’ and some one else making the food.

          Eric was on the phone early he had some people in Negril he wanted Solomon to bring down and he wanted to take me up and switch passengers somewhere near White House.
          I got a call from another friend who was in black River and wanted a ride to Sav. So we worked out a time for our trip and we settled in for a good breakfast. My last day in TB was going to be slow and nice.


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            Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

            Geo - Been waitin on ya ....

            Something funky with my internet connection here at work again ... so I have been off for a bit. Now I can not see your photos. Can not wait to get home so I can enjoy them!

            Happy Trip Posting!!


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              Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

              Geo- tell us more about the little cottage. I've been looking to stay at Jakes but perhaps that cottage is more space than I

              Beautiful pics...

              More please!!!!
              One of these days, I'm going to fly away to Zion. Fly away home. - RNM


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                Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                As we drive away from Treasure Beach I wanted to put up a few more photos and let everyone know this is the way to start a long trip. I slowed down in TB dramatically.

                Our Cook

                Erics Internet Shop

                I’m keyed-up for most of the trip but this time I did relax read a book and just wander around TB talking to many people.

                2 Fun ladies

                TB is much different from tourist towns like Negril,Montego Bay and Ochi; it’s truly peaceful and serene.

                I heard Loons in the pond near the cottrage.....the morning walks were priceless. Now it’s up to crazy Negril and some unexpected happenings.


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                  Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                  George - This is so much fun .... I say this all the time - each time I get to tag along on one of these incredible journeys - I have just got to get to these destinations to have these visions and meet these people to add to my own personal Jamaica Experience.

                  Enjoying taggin on your journey -


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                    Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                    (((GEO)) welcome back... your refreshing my memories of Treasure Beach.. maybe ill go back for a few days to rest.. and walk on those lovely quiet roads.. and beach..... it really is quite serene...

                    wonderful photos of the ladies.... and is that the same Eric.. you had drive me?? hes doing internet service now?
                    A positive attitude might not solve your problems but will annoy others to make it worth the effort


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                      Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                      Good Night Nina ... how are you tonight??


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                        Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                        ((Hey laurel)) doing just fine thanks
                        A positive attitude might not solve your problems but will annoy others to make it worth the effort


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                          Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                          It's a nice start george! and???? and.......................????????


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                            Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                            He told me he was goin out 4 beers ...

                            Him soon come, Jamaica time -


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                              Re: Trip 15,Treasure Beach,Negril,MoBay!!

                              Geo just lovely.....yes you got me soooooooo homesick I'm sittin her cryin my eyes out....sooo cool, and peaceful. Treasure Cot is one of the few places at Jakes I haven't stayed but I'll try it in 2005.

                              Love this pic...great view and the color is perfect..

                              I don't think I could have described Treasure Beach any better. You just reached out and touched my heart..thanks.
                              Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. --- Dr. Suess


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