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Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

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  • Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

    This was my first trip to Jamaica and it definitely won't be my last!

    Day One - After a long flight from Seattle we finally arrived at the airport in Mo Bay. We made it easily through immigration and headed outside to find our driver. We were bombarded with offers for a ride but luckily my fiancé saw a woman waiting for us with a colorful sign. It was Sienna! Solomon couldn’t make it so Junior was our driver. He packed our stuff into the van and we were off. Sienna was a great guide as we headed towards Negril. This was our first trip to Jamaica and I was amazed by everything I saw…the beautiful blue ocean, lush foliage, lively streets, bridges that only fit one car, and a bunch of other interesting things that I had never seen before. On the way to the hotel we stopped at Hi Lo to pick up some Red Stripe and exchange some travelers checks. By the time we arrived at Idle Awhile it was evening. Wow, what a beautiful place! We checked in and the delightful Prince helped us with our bags. The tree frogs were singing as we were lead down the path through the beautiful garden to our room. The room was awesome! Exactly the type of place we wanted to stay. We were exhausted but at the same time I was excited to go find the beach. We decided to go get some dinner and take a walk along the beach. We stopped at the bar to get our free Rum Punch. Boy did that rum have a punch! It didn’t sit well on my empty stomach and so I was thankful when our dinner finally arrived. After dinner we took a walk along the beach and headed towards the sound of live Reggae. I had been trying to avoid Margaritaville but there was a big bonfire and some good reggae so we decided to have a drink and listen to the music. I ordered my first Dirty Banana. It was so good! On our way back to the hotel as my fiancé held my hand, he asked me to look up…I couldn’t believe how many stars there were in the sky. It was so beautiful. It was the perfect end to the perfect day!

    Idle Awhile...

    Day Two - I woke up, stepped out onto the verandah and overlooked the lush gardens at Idle Awhile. The hotel and property was everything I had imagined and more. Today was a relaxing day. We walked the beach, swam on the floaties, sat on the beach drinking pina coladas and bought a bunch of reggae CDs from DJ Eddie. We had a nice lobster dinner on a candlelit table set up right on the beach (can’t remember the name of the restaurant) while we listened to some live reggae.

    Day Three –We went down to the bar to meet our wedding coordinator Isabelle and Sienna at 10:00am. We chatted for a while and discussed the details of tomorrow’s wedding. After this we were really hungry so went to Best of the West to get some jerk chicken. The chicken wasn’t done yet so we wandered the beach in search of another jerk stand. We ended up eating at Rainbow Arch. Since it was our first trip to Negril we decided to take a Negril orientation trip. Solomon and Tato came to pick us up. Unfortunately Solomon had to leave again to go fix one of his vans. So Tato was our tour guide for the day. We started the tour by driving through the neighborhoods of Negril. The roads were packed with cows, goats, chickens and cute schoolchildren in their uniforms. We got to what appeared to be the end of a road and I was shocked when suddenly the driver accelerated forward and tried to make it up a very steep, rocky hill. The van slid down a few times but we eventually made it. My heart was pounding but once we got to the top I couldn’t believe the view. We could see all of Negril and the Great Morass. It was breathtaking. We continued to wind through the neighborhoods and eventually ended up on the cliffs. We stopped at the lighthouse for a while and then stopped at Pirate’s Cave for a cold drink. Not many people were around but there was one cliff diver that we had the pleasure of watching. On the way back to the beach we stopped at Hi Lo to get some groceries. Tato dropped us at Idle Awhile and we got ready for dinner. We walked down the beach and had dinner at Kuyaba. It was a beautiful, romantic restaurant and the food was excellent. On the way back to the hotel we saw Eddie and bought some more CDs. Back at the hotel we stopped at the bar for a drink and chatted with Carlton, Prince and Robert. This is paradise!


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    Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

    Day Four - This is the big day. Our wedding was scheduled for 4:30 so we had the whole morning to lounge around. I was a little worried because it rained a bit in the morning and the sky was kind of gray. We went to take a walk along the beach. My fiancé forgot his razor so we went in search for one. We finally found one at a souvenir store for about $5.00. What a rip off but we had to buy it so he could look good for the big day. On the way back to the room we stopped and had some of Christy’s ital stew for lunch. It was so good. Then we went to the room to relax before the wedding. Luckily the sun was shining and it ended up being the perfect day to get married. We got married right on the beach and it was absolutely beautiful. After posing for a ton of pictures in the garden and on the beach at sunset, we were happy to go back to our room and change into our comfortable clothes before going to dinner. We walked down to Norma’s at Seasplash for dinner but they were in the process of rebuilding. We decided to go to Da Gino Italian Restaurant. We had a nice romantic dinner. The waitress asked us if we got married today. How did she know! When I asked her she just smiled and said we looked so happy. What a nice thing to say! After dinner we went to Alfreds to listen to some live reggae and dance the night away!

    The Beach...

    Christy preparing his ital stew...


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      Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

      Day Five – We ate ackee and saltfish for breakfast and then walked along the beach. That afternoon we meet the photographer to look at our wedding pictures. They were all beautiful so we bought them all. We decided to take a taxi to the cliffs and have lunch at Rockhouse. After a delicious lunch and walking around the West End for a while, we decided to go back to the hotel, change into our swimsuits and go swimming. After swimming and lounging in the sun for a while we went back to the room, showered and relaxed. That night we went to Cosmo’s for dinner and had curried goat and fried fish and bammy for dinner. That was one delicious meal. We spend the rest of the night at Bourbon Beach listening to some live reggae and dancing on the beach.

      Day Six – On this beautiful morning (like all mornings in Negril) Tato picks us up for an all day tour. We take a drive along a quiet road and see lots of motorcycle taxis. Not many cars around here. We stop in Broughton at a fishing village and watch the fisherman clean their catch of the day. Then we take a tour of the Lost Beach resort. Looks like it got pretty damaged from the hurricane. They were busy cleaning up and rebuilding. Next stop…Benji's Paradise. This was definitely the highlight of our trip. It sure was long and bumpy ride to get there but well worth it. It's a beautiful place and Benji is a great host. We spend the day relaxing in the roaring river while Benji feeds us fresh fruit and a yummy ital lunch. After our soak in the river he walks us through his farm and picks some fresh oranges for us. I have never tasted an orange so good in my life! On the way home we stop at the market in Sav-La-Mar and buy some yellow yams. We make it back to the hotel and decide to get some dinner at Sweet Spice. That was another good meal. I’m beginning to think there are no bad meals in Negril!

      Lost Beach...

      Benji's Paradise...

      Day Seven – Our last full day in paradise. We walked the beach, went swimming and lounged on the beach. For lunch we decided to try jerk chicken at Best of the West. It was yummy. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the beach. We decided to take a glass bottom boat and go snorkeling. That was a fun and interesting experience. Afterwards we went back to our room to freshen up and get ready for dinner. For dinner we had Prince make us the yellow yams we bought at the market yesterday. He fixed them with steamed fish and callaloo. It was an excellent meal! The rest of the evening was spent packing and getting ready for tomorrow.

      Day Eight – Woke up today and felt very sad. I sure wish we would have booked a longer trip but due to a family emergency we had to cut the trip a little short. One last stop at Best of the West for some jerk chicken and then back to Idle Awhile to say goodbye to all of our new friends. The time had come…Junior arrived to pick us up and we were off to the airport. I started to tear up as the plane took off. Goodbye Negril…my new love.

      Images of Negril...


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        Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

        Congratulations! A wedding in Negril is truly something to be cherished and one never easily forgotten. Now you get to have all your anniversary's there [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

        Best wishes to you!


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          Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

          Frog - Congratulations!! How wonderful and romantic! Post photos for us if you will.

          Shortly before my last Negril visit I had a most unusual dream ... I gave birth to frogs from my finger. Not 7 frogs, only 2.


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            Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

            Great report .. glad you enjoyed your time.

            Oh... Congrats ! ! !
            Fiyah Bun ..


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              Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

              Congratulations on your marriage.

              And congratulations on your first (of many) trips to Jamaica.

              Thanks for posting about your trip.

              Wanda be in Jamaica
              Sing in the rain, dance in the sun, dream in the light of the moon. (Unknown)


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                Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                Congratulations on your marriage! and glad you enjoyed Negril and the food.

                Do you have any pcis for us. Pleaze!
                One House But Different Rooms..


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                  Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                  CONGRATULATIONS :love:

                  Wishing you many years of bliss!

                  BTW what a magical way (Jamaica)to start your new journey together!

                  Jamaica.....a place your body goes to find where your mind and soul has always been


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                    Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                    I started to tear up as the plane took off. Goodbye Negril…my new love.
                    so did I,
                    you have 2 loves now...



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                      Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                      Congrats!! wow, your first time and you had planned to marry there? you must have known someone else who loves jamaica? How did you pick Idle awhile?

                      one more question...where are the pics??? hehehehe
                      Just can't live that negative way...make way for the positive day! - Robert Nesta Marley-


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                        Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                        Pictures are on the way...I'm working on getting some pictures posted soon [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

                        Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes!

                        HitMiWitMusik...Believe it or not I don't know anyone who has even been to Jamaica before. For some reason I've just always wanted to go there for as long as I can remember. After doing some research on the internet I knew Negril was exactly the place I wanted to get married. I picked Idle Awhile based on all the great things I had read about it. I definitely made some good choices!


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                          Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                          Congrats on your wedding..I am a DJ and entertain at Wedding Receptions all the time and love this toast I once heard, hope you like it...

                          Through Good Times and Hard Times always remember the feeling you felt when you looked in their eyes and said " I Do".

                          .. and also congrats for your new found love for Negril and Jamaica! You certainly did make all the right choice for a your first time! All of your choices were ones I read about and either visited (mmm, best of the west jerk...) or are on my "to do" list. And your report was great, made me want to pack up and go back.
                          We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing! - Benjamin Franklin


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                            Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                            The fotos are awesome!!

                            DJ - what an excellent Toast!!

                            All The Best!!


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                              Re: Negril Trip Report - (Photos Added)

                              Oh, and by the way for a very reasonable fee, I would be more than happy to travel to/ and entertain (have been doing it since 1987) for any Wedding Celebration in Negril! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

                              Or any event really...
                              We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing! - Benjamin Franklin


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