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  • Hush Darlin
    started a topic SUSS


    Unno ssey late but betta late dan neva
    so all de fass people unno come enjoy this weeke installment of

    Mi sey what a ooman fat noh cut puss.... Miss Inez noh pardon none a de food at all...she dey nyam like a sey bikkle a go out a style....she have roas beef, ackee and salfish yaa,, hardough bread , flowa dumplin fe lunch and banana an plantain and banana parrige, hard crackas roas breadfruit, fry dumplin cowfoot and fowl feet soup fe brekfass...laawd mi almoas figet sey she did fraid a de computa dat she wouldn even duss ie when she a clean caa she did fraid sey sittn wooda jump out pan har but now she tun pro....ascardn to Tams she commandeered the computa.

    Den unno guess mi wha??the one Banidi noh get email wey sey dem caa gi him a few more inches and him tek dem pan dem affa and now him FLR cyaan fit him anymore dem a pinch him so nung him haffi go get some flowa bag fe mek some sittn like a wey him grampa use to wear and noh Ctry him get fe mek dem feem..poor ting neve even know wha FLR was likkle moas she did go mek him marina.
    But u neva see sumole biddout fiyah mie hear Remo sey him did a ask direckshan fe go a him dressmekker an him naily moas lass, and mi did a wanda wha him a do wid dressmekker but ie look like a sey him mussi do wey Bandi do and need custom made drawz too.

    But unno si mi dyin chrial a wha mek Chrissy did a tek aff all a har clothes bout she feel hat....and de smaddy wey she did a strip fah nat even did dey bout.... Yardy she did tink sey a war a go bruck out dat she come een the place wid all kinna weaponry fe defen harself......but if a war she did a look mi kno sey Chrissy woulda win caa she have har dacktarate eena CYO and nat even Trelli coulda beat har wid har ky-jelly .....mi kno sey uun noh kno a wha CYO meane so mek mi enlighten unno ie simply mean CUSS YOU OUT ....mi noh kno a which university Chrissy lawn dat and ie look like a sey a ongle she one ha dat dey degree

    But unno kno sey people fass...mi sey lass week mi mek di mistake and menshan sey love is in de air and sumady a go get marrid well mek mi tell unno mi nay call no name and mi sey de amount a phone call and Pm and email wey mi get wid bribe caa dem waan mi tell dem a who....the one wey name Untwined she offered me all expense paid chrip to yaawd if mi tel har a who..and the wuss paawt about it she bruck packit...Wednesday a big big haliday a yaawd and gal instead she tan a har yaaw and ress or cook har genkleman waan desant meal seh dey a wuk... Leonie she call and when shi sey May I please tark to Sweetssop den u did fe hear de piece a twang wey she puddung she dah mek poor Miss Lou shame,....but mi ketch up sey a she wid har bad talk so mi sey Sweetssop is nat here may I take a messij please ...hear har noh” kin you told har dat Missis Layonie..(bax cova she dey put hange panm har name) frum Nue Yark called and hofferin har an hall hexpense vadicayshan to Newmarket if she will told me who are gettin marrij”...mi sey mi had to bite mi lip hard noh fe buss out a laff caa she mussi figet sey a dey mi live......but the bribe wey tek de cake was wen Ctry she chry fe gimme chree tin a Bully Beef...she noh kno sey fram Gilbert blow mi noh nyam dat sittn dey fram dem time dey mi full a Bully Beef...mi noh kno wha sweet dat ooman wid dat Bully Beef sittn,,,but mek mi tell unno a sekrit Portmore tell mi sey har dankey dead and a it she have een a tin a gi wey fe prize unda de name Bully Beef so mi dey warn unno please noh go eat noh read meat dung a de kitchen dey caa is dankey meat dem servin and mi hear sey a de one Jahlive and Neutral a de master cheff pan dankey meat and mi also hear sey a Bandi pizen de dankey caa de dankey go bray wen him did a teef waan cow and the owna fe de cow come out wid cutliss fe chap him up..membas sey unno neva hera it yasso at all

    Mi hear sey de one Jazz she dey go Jumaicka and a mek liss a de tings dem wha she a go nyam wen shi gu dung dey....but a wanda if ske kno sey she haffi tek some serrious wash out before she she betta go get har salt fisick ready ......she betta kno sey she cyaa clime chree causen sey starapple nah drap a grung and if ennybaddy eva tell u sey u mean like starapple may de good laad have massy pan u caa u well mean fe chroo ....a wamek Boricua Papi so obsessed wid Jazz batty him mussi eat drink sleep and dream bout har batty him betta mek sure sey him noh dey kno wey near wen she come back wid har big bumpa caa him noh kno sey him a de fuss one she a bunks dung caa dem dey breed a gummy cow foot wey she mek date wid fi nyam an Miss Inez sey ie wi gi har nuff stamina.

    Compry a wamek u dey avide Bandi a code dem wenna tawk eena so wi cyaan undastan caa all of a suddn wen she reply a pere hug up hug mi see dey gwaan and she a tell him dat he is de sun that brighten har day...but Compry mussi did figget sey she did tell CEW sey a him a har sun than brightens har day too so likkle moas war bruk out but she sumart caaw she mek hase and tell him that he is the love of har life and as dahjah sey she mek de man dem stap wukk..mi noh kno wha him mean by that.

    Aye Chrissy people bizniz gwine kill u...mek u so fass...mi wanda whamek fe you day cyaan go good wen u noh hear people biznin....mi hope you and Untwined and Leonie and Ctry ha nuff money fe pay wen people sue fe have dem persanal bizniz plastered pan de boawd..mi sey all the one Compry and de one Yardy gwaan like a sey dem noh fass and like fe hear de Suss...mi hear Jeanie1 sey a Suss draw her to de boawd dem mussi neva her de sand wey sey Leave people bizniz alone and mine you oown or de one wey sey Beef is in the mawkit...soup is in de bone and what dont kancern you leave it alone ...But
    as mi sey a a soh mi getti mi geet to unnno...Remema mi nat liad and ole time people always sey if ie noh go so ie go near so

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