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Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

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    Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

    Portia is of the same party whey bring destruction to jamaica, how is she for the good of the country. seeya! she nain even speak out when scandal go dung.


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      Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

      Originally posted by Donnika:
      [qb] firstavaall warbob, me naw tell noh lie. an seconavaal warbob, me fren naw tell noh lie. him tell me di night when di mawning him employee tell him. an dat was di day afta di big meeting happen inna half-way-tree. so tappinize! [/qb]
      [img]/forums/images/graemlins/704555_dwl.gif[/img] [img]/forums/images/graemlins/704555_dwl.gif[/img]
      ah sah
      When its hot in the jungle of peace I go swimming in the ocean of love.....


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        Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

        Come on friend, sorry you see it as me calling you a liar. I know I am not good at humor but I was trying so please forgive me.

        But just check out your statement he told you, after hearing it from his employee.
        Now as a Jamaican, you know how it goes. Between his employees telling him and he telling you, and you telling us could make a hell of a difference. Check it out if it nu gu bak farda dan dat.

        Well the post was about Dr. Phillips Vs. Portia, so I was picking my choice, gave my opinion why I believe she would make a better candidate, anything wrong with that?
        But be real, lets say she gets the nomination and won the election, alas, she is the PM wouldn’t you want her to be successful for the good of the Country? If no tell me why
        These are the days of great civilisation when men should think of harmony and not force..Bustamante


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          Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

          So what's the alternative to PNP/PJ/Portia/Peter? The JLP?

          please. been there, done that.

          What is our REAL alternative?
          Be Yourself & Know Yourself


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            Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

            oh yeah? was the 80s quater as bad as the 70s, 90s or now?

            sigh... a sad reality I've learned from reading what some posters post here is that some people cant think their way out of a plastic bag, let alone find solutions...


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              Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

              Wardob, picking between protia and peter is like picking which egg taste better; the brown shelled one or the white shelled one.
              no difference, just aesthetics. That was my point.

              but hey, choice is good, eh?


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                Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                Peter is a fat egg and once wore dreadlocks. What he`ll be as a PM is nothing really thought provoking.

                Portia is an egg that has been wearing the same hairstyle from schooldays. She has got to be the only woman in the world that hasn`t changed her wig in 30 years. What she will bring to the office of PM is surely not much more head pieces.
                Let freedom and peace abide, the sun shine, and your love beside me with you everytime.


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                  Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                  Who is Minister Phillips fooling ?


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                    Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                    Originally posted by Q3210:
                    [qb] Peter is a fat egg and once wore dreadlocks. What he`ll be as a PM is nothing really thought provoking.

                    Portia is an egg that has been wearing the same hairstyle from schooldays. She has got to be the only woman in the world that hasn`t changed her wig in 30 years. What she will bring to the office of PM is surely not much more head pieces. [/qb]

                    7/5th of all people do not understand fractions.


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                      Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                      Portia would beat Bruce - Observer/Stone Poll
                      A Portia Simpson-led PNP would beat the JLP

                      Monday, December 05, 2005

                      Portia Simpson Miller (right) would, as PNP leader, beat Bruce Golding and the JLP in a general election.

                      PORTIA Simpson Miller is not only the sole People's National Party leadership contender who could inspire her party to an election victory over Bruce Golding and his JLP in a general election, but would possibly give the Opposition a sound walloping, according to a new opinion survey.

                      The poll done for the Observer by the Stone Organisation showed that with Simpson Miller at the helm of the PNP, 42.4 per cent of voting age Jamaicans say that they would cast ballots for the party that has ruled Jamaica for 16 years.

                      That gives a Simpson Miller-led PNP an 11.6 percentage point advantage over a JLP under the leadership of Golding (30.8 per cent), who became the party's boss in February after the retirement of Edward Seaga, who stepped down after 30 years.

                      On the other hand, if the PNP is led by any of the other candidates for the ruling party's top job when Prime Minister P J Patterson steps down early next year, Golding's party is the one which more Jamaicans say they would vote for.

                      On current standing, the JLP has an eight percentage point lead over the PNP hypothetically-led by Dr Peter Phillips, Simpson Miller's main rival for the post.

                      Assuming the PNP was under the leadership of either the finance minister, Dr Omar Davies or party vice-president, Dr Karl Blythe, Golding and his party enjoys a lead of 18 percentage points and 17 percentage points, respectively.

                      "At present, the research is indicating that should Simpson Miller take the leadership of the PNP, a strong PNP win is in the making," Stone said. "Of course, that assumes that all the negative factors now dogging the PNP do not increase between now and the next elections due in 2007."

                      Stone conducted the poll between November 12 and 19, using a sample of 1,201 people in 40 communities across Jamaica. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three per cent.

                      Among the findings is that more people (29.7 per cent) believe that JLP would do a better job at running the country than the PNP (24.7 per cent) at this time. More people (35.3 per cent) also felt that the JLP deserves to win the next election than the PNP (28.6 per cent). Simpson Miller and Golding were in a dead heat (24 per cent) on which one of them would do a better job of running the country at this time.

                      While Simpson Miller (46 per cent) has a three-to-one preference among the public over Phillips (15.3 per cent) as the best person to lead the PNP, the gap narrows to only four per cent when people are asked which one they believe will win the leadership - an acknowledgment of Phillips' strong support among the PNP's hierarchy.

                      But when people were asked which of the parties they would vote for on the basis of which PNP's contenders would face Golding, Simpson Miller emerged as the clear choice of the PNP if it wished to retain the government.

                      With Simpson Miller at the helm, 78 per cent of the people who voted for the PNP in the 2002 general election said they would cast their ballots again for the ruling party, while six per cent would defect for the PNP. On the other hand, approximately 13 per cent who voted for the JLP would now vote for the JLP, which would retain three-quarters of its votes from the last election.

                      With Phillips at the helm of the PNP, the party would retain 69 per cent of its 2002 voters, against eight per cent who would bolt to the JLP. Significantly, approximately 84 per cent of those who did so in 2002 would, with Phillips as president of the PNP, again vote for the Opposition JLP. A similar percentage of the JLP's 2002 voters would again vote for the party if either Blythe or Davies led the PNP.

                      However, with either of the latter two contenders leading the PNP, those from the last election who would maintain their vote for the ruling party drop to 58 per cent, while 11 per cent of former PNP votes would now vote for the JLP.
                      Keeping my finger on the Pulse of Jamaica


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                        Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                        Portia or Peter or what?

                        Geof Brown
                        Friday, January 20, 2006

                        A week in politics can be an eternity. Just last week this column suggested rather strongly that it was time for one or even two of the candidates in the PNP leadership race to drop out for lack of viability. What a difference a day makes! For the showing of candidate Peter Phillips at his official launch last Sunday left pundits wondering whether the race between the two front-runners was not too close to call.
                        Astute talk-show host of Nationwide Cliff Hughes, who was on the floor of the arena at the Phillips' launch, declared his perception that the contest was too close to call. On that assumption, my call in last week's column for candidates to drop out is hardly valid. For it throws open a possible door of opportunity for the two "rear runners" to affect or even to determine the result of the contest. That does not mean there is a turn in favour of either Omar Davies or Karl Blythe now having a chance to overtake either of the two front-runners and end up victorious. Their possibility of winning, barring miracles is, I believe, dead.

                        Straw polls are not scientific but they provide indices which may have some significance. On Wednesday this week, the radio show Breakfast Club ran a straw poll asking citizens to indicate their preferences for which of the four PNP leadership contenders deserves to win (and end up as prime minister). The results were eleven for Portia, six for Phillips and one each for Davies and Blythe. Now several respondents were not PNP supporters, especially those preferring Portia to win and run the country. Therefore, they cannot affect the outcome since they have no chance of being party delegates whose votes will decide the winner.
                        When those non-PNP respondents are factored out, we are back to a close contest between the two front-runners, even allowing that on the basis of the unscientific poll, Simpson Miller would be ahead. But the Phillips camp claims to have 65 per cent of the delegates locked up, and their arena showing was demonstrably stronger than the Simpson Miller turn-out at the same venue earlier.

                        So altogether, the indications at this point suggest a very close contest between the two Ps. And that is why I am backing off my call for one or both of the two rear-runners to drop out of the contest. Though neither, especially Blythe, is going to pull a rabbit out of a hat, in the scenario of a very close contest between the front-runners, either or both can change the course of the current projections by throwing support to one of the front-runners. For idle speculation let's say Davies throws his support to Phillips while Blythe stays in to the finish. Phillips would have a distinct advantage and most likely end up being the winner. Or let's say Blythe throws support to Simpson Miller and Davies stays in to the finish, Portia would have the advantage and likely eliminate Phillips. And clearly, if both rear-runners throw support to either front-runner (a very unlikely scenario) the lucky front-runner as the beneficiary, would be a runaway winner.

                        You get the drift. Davies and Blythe can become rather significant power brokers if they stay in the race and dangle their potential support to one or other of the two Ps. By now, of course, both the Phillips and Simpson-Miller camps are well aware of the possibilities postulated here and are either acting or planning to act accordingly. So don't be surprised to hear rumours of quiet deals being negotiated out of the public gaze. Neither Portia nor Peter is safe as long as Davies and Blythe stay in the contest on their own. The real question is which of the two has the greater party delegate strength committed to him, which he can then use to leverage advantage in any possible deal with a front-runner. It cannot be taken for granted, however, that delegate votes can be horse-traded like personal possessions. Nevertheless, if a candidate should throw his support to one of the other candidates, chances are that a sizeable proportion of his committed support would go along with his switch.

                        Thus from a strategic point of view, it suits both Davies and Blythe to stay in the contest for as long as it is feasible to do so. They would not be staying to win but to gain advantage from whichever of the front-runners comes wooing, the closer the race gets to the finish line. For that, courting is inevitable.
                        Davies and Blythe would claim some designated spoils as payback for swinging the contest in favour of a particular candidate. Therefore the game has changed from one in which there was, for practical purposes, a two-horse race. What we now have is an exciting run-off in which it will be either Davies or Blythe determining the result. It will be the superior politician which captures the support of one or the other. On the face of things, it is the Davies' support which should prove the more critical.

                        But then who knows what can happen in a week? Even a day could turn all appearances inside out.

                        Peter must now shed tears


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                          Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                          Wed Jan 11, 2006
                          Dr. Peter Phillips declares commitment to building bridges

                          Dr. Peter Phillips, surrounded by a throng of supporters in 2005. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

                          People's National Party (PNP) leadership contender, Dr. Peter Phillips, has emphatically avowed his willingness to play his part in calming the storm that is brewing in the leadership race.

                          Dr. Phillips affirmed his availability to meet with the leadership of the PNP and other contenders to heal a rift that threatens to rip the party asunder.

                          Wednesday's press luncheon represented a case of the calm after storm.

                          Dr. Peter Phillips solidly declared his preparedness to be the balm.

                          Tempers clearly cooled overnight in the aftermath of some fiery outbursts on the political landscape.

                          The fury of Team Portia was unleashed on the Solid as a Rock team after suggestions that her supporters defaced the walls of the premises of fellow comrades who are supporters of Dr. Peter Phillips.

                          But in stark contrast to Tuesday night, bright smiles shone from members of Solid as a Rock Campaign as they greeted journalists.

                          Dr. Phillips stoutly declared his commitment to promote unity at all cost.

                          His Campaign Manager, Maxine Henry-Wilson, vowed that the party would not yield to any form of provocation.

                          During the fiery exchange between the Solid as a Rock Campaign and Team Portia each side demanded an apology from the other, but none has been forthcoming.

                          In the meantime, the Solid as a Rock Campaign is oozing confidence ahead of its formal launch on Sunday.

                          Mrs. Henry-Wilson declared that this confidence is based on the result of a canvass that was done recently.

                          For the Solid As a Rock campaign it is now crunch time. So for Mrs. Henry-Wilson, if the canvass is anything to go by, Dr. Phillips is sitting pretty.

                          She came to Wednesday's press briefing well prepared to churn out figures.

                          It is well known that Dr. Phillips commands the support of most Parliamentarians.

                          Mrs. Henry-Wilson said the canvass has proven to be quite convincing. She asserted that the canvas revealed that over 2,600 of the approximately 4,000 delegates will vote for Dr. Phillips.
                          While the canvass paints a glowing picture, Mrs. Henry-Wilson stressed that the team is not taking any chances.

                          Does Peter still want to be PM?


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                            Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                            Dr. Peter Phillips
                            Dr. Peter Phillips' Solid As A Rock campaign revs up

                            Dr. Peter Phillips’ Solid As a Rock Campaign revved up its machinery Sunday for the final leg of the People’s National Party Presidential Campaign with a grand display at the National Arena.

                            The endorsements flowed from representatives of a wide range of interests and sector groups.

                            These include academia, the farming community, the youth movement, the labour movement, young professionals, and the youth and womens’ movements, among others.

                            It all happened in a packed arena, colourfully bedecked in orange, red and black.

                            An equally jazzy array of speakers were on full display and the gamut of endorsements was just as flowery.

                            However they did not stream from the MPs this time around.

                            It was a move clearly aimed at silencing comrades from rival campaign teams.

                            Many had scornfully downplayed the support base of the Solid As A Rock Campaign.

                            They scoffed that it was confined to Parliamentarians but on Sunday, the speakers made good use of the celebratory ambiance helped by pulsating music.

                            A cacophony of whistling sounds greeted the endorsements.

                            They oozed from 11 year old Shade Elliott with a poem, Nenna Wilson from the Women’s movement; Eleanor Brown representing young professionals and Allan Rickards from the farming community, among others.

                            They spoke of “Dr. Phillips’ visionary approach, his sharp, analytical mind able to grasp complex matters and the best prepared person."

                            Dr. Phillips 34 year-old son Michael also came with his accolades and spoke of his father’s commitment to family and country.

                            Michael declared that Dr. Phillips has a great contribution make in relation to the return of discipline and integrity to this country.

                            A delegate brought a proclamation of endorsements to Dr. Phillips.

                            It was at this stage that the balloons, all red, orange and black descended to herald to the stage the man of the moment and Dr. Peter Phillips came to the platform of his launch with a three pronged vision.

                            They are wealth creation, an assault on crime and the completion of the transformation of the education system.

                            Dr. Phillips moved early in his presentation to grab and maintain the interest of a crowd hyped by previous speakers.

                            He quickly reeled off the achievements of successive PNP administrations and paid tribute to past leaders.

                            Dr. Phillips was particularly defensive of the legacy of P.J. Patterson.

                            With that out of the way, he warned supporters not to take any chance with the future, quipping that gambling must be set aside for lotto.

                            In presenting his credentials, Dr. Phillips listed his achievements and experiences before outlining his vision.

                            The first was wealth creation.

                            He promised to cut interest rates and reduce bureaucracy to ensure economic growth.

                            He vowed to walk the ends of the earth to seek investment.

                            However at the same time, he stressed the need to create business opportunities for Jamaicans.

                            He spoke to a vision of partnership. He gave the undertaking that he would play a significant role in nurturing the farming sector and small business community.

                            Dr. Phillips promised to put idle lands in the hands of productive Jamaicans and he spoke of a vision of banishing illiteracy.

                            He asserted that his administration would complete the process of educational transformation.

                            He spoke to a system of rewards for teachers while penalizing those who failed to play their part.

                            Dr. Phillips declared that his administration would find the resources to rescue the education system.

                            This includes changes to the curriculum and general environment of schools.

                            He promised to bring the best retired teachers back to classrooms.

                            Dr. Phillips, the current National Security Minister, spoke to an increased period of training for police.

                            He vowed to stamp out criminality and as he touched on the breakdown of the social fabric, he promised to change laws to hold parents of street children to book.


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                              Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                              I wanda if Tuffy know im.. If he does I would love to hear his impressions of the man... As both were members of 12 tribes (Personally I have a certain disdain for him, Phillips not Mr Gong!)
                              What nonsense! How can you have a revolution without shooting people ? Lenin 26th October 1917...
                              If Christians go to heaven, I do not want to go to Heaven: Hatuey. 2/02/1512


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                                Re: Dr Peter Phillips For Prime Minister

                                [ QUOTE ]
                                I wanda if Tuffy know im.. If he does I would love to hear his impressions of the man... As both were members of 12 tribes (Personally I have a certain disdain for him, Phillips not Mr Gong!)

                                [/ QUOTE ]

                                Bun Peter Phillips.

                                Did you hear the cry of the woman whose nephew member(s) of the Peter Phillips Crew, coming for his so-called second launch, knifed?

                                Six Men, including three comrades, killed today and three Labourites, has been murdered in his constituency within a week so pretty soon we will be on our way to matching Dr. Clueless area.
                                The National Bus Service cannot even go to certain parts of his constituency.
                                .... and before anyone tek up the case, I was born raised and still have residence in East Central St. Andrew.

                                The most serious writ against him is of course the question of extra-judicial killings by agents of the State. The huge human rights problems in Jamaica, where agents of the State have virtually declared open season on all young men has worsened under his tenure.
                                <span style="font-weight: bold">0ok</span>

                                <span style="font-style: italic">&quot;What good fortune for those in power that people do not think&quot;</span>
                                - <span style="font-weight: bold">Adolf Hitler</span>, as quoted by Joachim Fest.


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