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Zekes Gone For Good

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    Re: Zekes Gone For Good

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Skells:
    [QB] From what I hear they have put Zekes away in prison for good. Forensics have confirmed traces of his semen in a victim's mouth whom he later murdered.

    Wow I wonder if that's true...cau mi nuh kno 'ow real bad man cou'da respek dem kin'a ting deh..


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      Re: Zekes Gone For Good

      Key witness in Zeeks' murder trial 'unwilling' to testify

      ERICA VIRTUE, Observer Writer
      Thursday, November 17, 2005

      Donald 'Zeeks' Phipps
      THE Prosecution's case against downtown don Donald "Zeeks" Phipps is showing early signs of trouble, as a key witness for the Crown has signalled an unwillingness to testify.

      Phipps, and Garfield Williams is charged jointly for the May 2005 murders, of Rodney Farquharson and Deighton Williams, both of Bayshore Park, Harbour View.

      But when the matter came up for mention in the Home Circuit Court before Justice Marva McIntosh yesterday, senior deputy Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Paula Lewellyn told the court that a key witness to the Crown's case, "had certain fears" and was unwilling to testify.

      Lewellyn said the Crown was informed by the police of a stalemate position, which was threatening the witness' testimony in the case set for trial December 5.

      Lewellyn told Justice McIntosh that it was her understanding that the witness was "fearful", and asked the judge to "allay" his or her fears with certain guarantees.

      Using guarded language, and careful not to disclose the name of the witness, or even his or her connection to the case, Lewellyn said she too was fearful that the Crown would not be able to proceed on December 5 if the matter was not settled.

      However, Justice McIntosh indicated an unwillingness to even hear the matter.

      McIntosh explained that she did not know if she would be the trial judge, and was therefore reluctant to make any binding decisions at this stage. Besides, the judge noted that the trial had not yet started.

      The urgency of the issue brought attorney-at-law Paul Bewsick to the courtroom, and after a short conference with Lewellyn, he asked that the matter not be discussed in open court.

      Lloyd McFarlane, who is appearing with K Churchill Neita for the defence, expressed some annoyance about the issue and told Justice McIntosh that 'no application had been made by the prosecution in relation to the witness." Justice McIntosh agreed with McFarlane, but also agreed to hear the matter in chambers, in the presence of the court reporter.

      Meanwhile, unlike two weeks ago when his supporters from Matthews Lane clashed with the police after he was denied bail, and shots rang out in the vicinity of the court, it was largely uneventful yesterday.

      Phipps, wearing a grey pin-striped suit, with a double breasted jacket and white shirt, was remanded until December 5 when the trial is set to start.
      Join me as members of the church of LOVE,and let us change the world, one good deed at a time.


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        Re: Zekes Gone For Good

        Zeeks a down low brother, dem no build bad man like dem used to, bad man whe no kill pickney and woman...hope dem deal wid him a jail.


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          Re: Zekes Gone For Good

          down low bad man?!?!!
          is wha ja really a come to doh eee?


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