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  • ,many innocents has he killed?..

    Supt Adams - nuff said
    Cop Testifies Adams planted Gun at Kraal
    Whoopiedoo - who's surprised. The corruption in Jamaica STINKS.
    Politicians and Police alike.
    Remeber the SEVEN youths he KILLED in Breaton

    A FORMER member of the disbanded Crime Management Unit testified yesterday that he saw Senior Superintendent of Police Reneto Adams planting a firearm and spent shells at the crime scene at Kraal, Clarendon.

    Constable Tyrone Brown said the firearm came from an office at Homestead Road, east Kingston, on the evening of May 7, 2003. The firearm was taken to Kraal and handed over to SSP Adams who put it in one of the rooms at Kraal.

    The witness was testifying at the third week of the murder trial of SSP Adams and the other five policemen charged with the murder of four civilians at Kraal on May 7, 2003.

    Constable Brown told the court that he and other members of the CMU were at Spanish Town and were about to go off duty when a Corporal Ramsay spoke with him.

    He said he and other policemen travelled in two unmarked vehicles to a building in eastern Kingston.

    The witness said he knew that Danhai Williams (east Kingston businessman) and a man called 'Softie' worked at the office where they went on Homestead Road. He said when they went to the building he remained outside, but Corporal Tingling and Sergeant Ballen went inside. Constable Brown testified that it was close to 6:00 p.m. when he saw a short dark man with metal on his teeth come out and hand Tingling something which appeared to be a firearm.

    He said Tingling put it in a yellow paper bag after which they all went to Kraal. He said on the way to Kraal, Tingling got out of the car on two occasions and fired shots from the firearm and collected the spent shells.

    When they reached Kraal, he saw SSP Adams and they went into a room where he saw the body of a woman and a rifle lying on the floor. Corporal Tingling gave SSP Adams the yellow paper bag. SSP Adams, in referring to the rifle on the floor, said "See the gun deh weh de dutty boy dem a fire."

    SSP Adams went to a room where there was the body of a man. SSP Adams bent down, took the firearm from the bag and placed it on the floor. He (Adams) then picked out the spent shells and threw them on the floor.

    Cross-examined by K. Churchill Neita, Q.C., who represents SSP Adams, the witness said he did not give his statements to the police until this year. The witness denied the suggestion that he was lying when he said he saw SSP Adams planting the firearm.
    <span style="font-style: italic">&quot;only true geniuses and/or dillusional ediots create their own quotes&quot;
    &quot; a Nation gets the Leadership it deserves..&quot;</span>
    -xKs (Dec 29,2011)

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    Re: ,many innocents has he killed?..

    when yuh talk talk bout nuff of di killing dat a gwaan is good an all cops involved ...some say is foolishness yuh a talk and dat yuh a hug up gun man

    when di truth come to light is not a pretty thing
    When its hot in the jungle of peace I go swimming in the ocean of love.....


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      Re: ,many innocents has he killed?..

      The plot thickens, however yuh all want to bet that Adam will get off lightly at the end of all this!!


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        Re: ,many innocents has he killed?..

        transferring to Jamaica News and Politrix


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          Re: ,many innocents has he killed?..

          X, me remember the killing of the braeton 7. you did still deh a Jamaica di time, right?

          me say one man nearly trace me off because "me a pick up fi criminal" after me acknowlege dat adams an him crew go murda di fella dem.


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            Re: ,many innocents has he killed?..

            [ QUOTE ]
            The plot thickens, however yuh all want to bet that Adam will get off lightly at the end of all this!! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/70402-thinking.gif[/img]

            [/ QUOTE ]

            i wont doubt it..because as is common in the majority od cases brought before the courts he investigation and primamry police work is substandard and the very able defence lawyers are usually able to poke holes in it.
            When its hot in the jungle of peace I go swimming in the ocean of love.....


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              Re: ,many innocents has he killed?..

              Funny thing is the whole courthouse and judge know him guilty but as yu know him have legendary status, dem naa go give him the same kinda a justice the ordinary man get, dem probably put him back pan the street next day after dem let him off.

              Wid the crime rate what it is now, there is a sentiment that cold blooded policemen like Reneto is needed in society.

              Poor people a bawl but nuff uptown and business people glad fi di likes a him, murderer or not.
              You are what you eat!


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