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medical tourism services for Jamaica....

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  • medical tourism services for Jamaica....

    Medical tourism services for Ja
    published: Saturday | September 3, 2005

    Nagra Plunkett, Staff Reporter


    Minister of Health John Junor believes that Jamaica has the necessary clinical expertise and manpower to offer a unique slate of medical tourism services that could make it a major player in this growing niche market.

    Minister Junor believes the expansion of the island's health tourism product could channel more investments into the economy, creating viable ventures for national development.

    "The greatest potential for health and tourism lies in the marriage of both, to maximise the synergies and evolve new products and services," the Health Minister said during a St. James public health services conference on Wednesday.

    travel to improve
    one's health

    Health tourism is travel to improve one's health, such as a visit to a health resort or weight-loss camp. It also includes the practice of travelling to another country in order to benefit from free or less expensive health care, be it surgery, non-invasive procedures, or treatments that are not covered under insurance.

    "There are many opportunities to capitalise on the health tourism nexus such as the wellness component, medical component to facilitate surgery and other medical interventions as well as recovery and convalescence," Minister Junor said. "And there is geriatric care for which we are low cost providers."

    According to Mr. Junor, Jamaica is poised to benefit from a thrust in health tourism given the fact that the island is cost-competitive, has highly trained professionals and excellent service in tourism. He also suggested that this is a niche to which some hospitals can look to establish business opportunities.

    Horace Peterkin, president of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), said he would work with the health department on promoting the concept during his tenure. He said he would also lobby for the improvement of local facilities.

    "There is a huge market for cosmetic surgery, fat farms, indigent services and we just have not focussed on it. We have all the ingredients; we're close to the largest market for those services, the United States, and we have the world class tourism professionals and medical practitioners," Mr. Peterkin said.

    The resort city of Montego Bay already boasts facilities that cater to cosmetic surgery and wellness centres such as the Half Moon Hotel and Harmony Gardens, both in the Rose Hall area. There are also similar conveniences in the Corporate Area.
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    Re: medical tourism services for Jamaica....

    It would be really beneficial to the Jamaican people if just the basic medical services could be granted to the common people, instead of being concerned with promoting medical services for foreigners. Highly trained professionals ?????, if there are an abundance of them why are so many Jamaicans being denied medical care? I know Jamaican Drs. that have lived in foreign countries that go back to Jamaica to provide services for people that can not get adequate medical care in their own country. So Jamaica wants to follow in the foot steps of Brazil????


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      Re: medical tourism services for Jamaica....

      ..and Cuba, if you go to Cuba, they give you a list of medical supplies (gauzes, bandages etc) to bring with you, as they are in short supply there..
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        Re: medical tourism services for Jamaica....


        ..and Cuba, if you go to Cuba, they give you a list of medical supplies (gauzes, bandages etc) to bring with you, as they are in short supply there..
        And the reason for that Mangoskin is they have been held hostage with a embargo on supplies for many years, thanks to the US.


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          Re: medical tourism services for Jamaica....

          Cuba, in spite of the embargo on supplies can still provide all of its citizens with decent universal healthcare

          meanwhile, back in the USA (original home of medical tourism) forty five million or so go without healthcare
          "In the world today, millions of children sleep in the streets.

          Not one is Cuban."


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