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Delta Airlines

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  • Delta Airlines

    They will allow 2 checked bags (50 lbs) to Jamaica. To be sure, I called them and also looked on their website. I'm so happy bout dat because I've been getting the best deals with them.

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    Re: Delta Airlines

    `I couldn't get my usual NWA flight for my November trip, so I'm going with Delta....used them once or twice before & the Atlanta connection isn't much more a hassle than Memphis. I kinda thought I'd be allowed 2 checked bags, but was gonna call to confirm closer to my flight. Thanks for the good info.

    I did get some bad work is shutting down between TG & New I had to extend my 17 day trip to 5 weeks....
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      Re: Delta Airlines

      I did some checking pon Delta this morning ... was curious to know if I could use my NWA mileage to book a 'free' ticket on Delta ... hmm - the amount of miles required is still double what it used to be ... so I did not pursue that question any further ~

      YeeHaa about the two case at 50 pound thingy. and a second YeeHaa for the 5 week reach Jaithie!!

      of course I was on NW on my summer reach - I was 'supposed' to pay for my second case ... but - oppss - I had to shift things from one case to a nexx to adjust the weights - and the Agent never charged me the fee the case # 2 .... and I did not remind her ~


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        Re: Delta Airlines

        <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: jaith</div><div class="ubbcode-body">`I did get some bad work is shutting down between TG &amp; New Years.....<span style="font-weight: bold">so I had to extend my 17 day trip to 5 weeks.... </span> </div></div>


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