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: Aircraft monitoring failures getting worse

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  • : Aircraft monitoring failures getting worse

    Air Traffic Controllers: Aircraft monitoring failures getting worse
    3:21 am, Tue October 6, 2015

    More concern is being raised about the monitoring of aircraft in the country's airspace, following a series of equipment failure at the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) over the last week.

    This was confirmed by the Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association. According to its President, Kurt Solomon, the incidents are extremely worrying and again highlight aviation safety issues at the Civil Aviation Authority. He said that aircraft are disappearing from the screens intermittently.

    The Air Traffic Controllers Association President gave another grim assessment of aircraft monitoring equipment at the JCAA. He said that, in the interest of public safety, they have passed on the information to the management, and since last week, the situation appears to be getting worse.

    In August, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority said it was implementing measures to prevent a recurrence of the communications failure in the Kingston Flight Information Region. Director General of the Authority, Nari Williams-Singh, said the August 26 failure was caused by a lightning strike which damaged a module at one of the communication sites.
    u so fake, even China denied mekking u

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    Since they are not allowed to strike, unlike the nurses, the plight of air traffic controllers in Jamaica will continue.
    The lucky one's go abroad where the pay is 3 times as much as in JA.


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      they printed a list of flights that supposedly have been denied access to Jamaican airspace n trying to say that is due to the action of the go slow...but some seh is not the iffy equipment...
      u so fake, even China denied mekking u


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        The equipment was good when installed, but there is no money to maintain it. So it's slowly falling apart.
        Work-to-rule is pretty much the only option the air traffic controllers have since they are not allowed to strike, and every government whether orange or green keeps on ignoring their pleas for fair wages.


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