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  • Negril

    Where is a nice safe place to stay in Negril, last week in August. Somebody suggested Bar B Barn. Need this place after spending a week at a RIU( Negril) wedding?

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    Re: Negril

    What kind of accommodations are you looking for? Rustic, high-end, simple and basic, mid-priced?

    BTW, is this the same redants that used to post here years ago?
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      Re: Negril

      <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: redants</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Where is a nice safe place to stay in Negril, last week in August. Somebody suggested Bar B Barn. Need this place after spending a week at a RIU( Negril) wedding? </div></div>

      Hi redants

      My idea of &quot;nice&quot; and your idea of nice may be two different things

      I have stayed at Bar-B-Barn before, it is ok, but not my first pick.
      You can do a search of the board and find mixed reviews.
      Some people swear by it and stay there all the time.

      I prefer Negril Beach Club Condos

      There are plenty of places to chose from. I think it depends on what you are looking for, do you have family traveling with you, what is your price range, do you want beach side or cliffs???

      I am going to move this post to the &quot;Discover Jamaica&quot; forum for more answers.
      But you should come back here and post a Trip Report when you return!
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        Re: Negril

        @Mrs Bandanna: Travelling with hubby. Need beachside that includes breakfast.

        @ Pepper: I am leaving the RIU in Negril after a week, and would like to stay two more days in a mid priced place. Then would like to go to Montego Bay for 1 day before flying from Montego Bay to Florida BTW someone suggested Glorianna or El Greco for the one night stay over before returning home.
        I always get very good tips from my family.


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          Re: Negril

          I used to swear by bar-bbarn until my experience last summer (see trips report)

          Not staying there again.

          Mariners mi seh!
          $5000J/nite and de staff well friendly and mannersable!


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            Re: Negril

            I just spent the last bunch of months in Negril - not staying at any beach resorts ~ but I use the beach nearly every day.

            My past &quot;hot pick&quot; used to always be Whistling Bird - awesome beach and stunning property, great staff. The parents that owned the place have both died, and the son has taken things over ~ now it is just a &quot;hot mess&quot;!! still a stunning property ~ but there is a shroud hanging over the place these days ~ everyone is on pins and needles!

            I have used BBBarn for the beach while Seveen and possibly others have stayed there ... it was always a nice enough property - I think a decent value ... BUT - they had no internet WiFi available the one day I thought I would visit for a day.

            Instead - I used Kuyaba ... just a couple spots down from BBBarn. I am not sure what price they charge for their rooms ~ but the bar and restaurant are spot on!! The Staff are all incredible professionals! The food was always great ~ the beach is very well secure ... Thanks Paul! the property is really well maintained ... I could go on and on. I spent nuff time in the water ~ and would look over at the beach at BBBarn ... and it looked &quot;really tired&quot;!! There never really seemed to be any people using their property ... the place looked 'quiet' .

            I know Seveen was usually nuff pleased with the deals she would get ... and I always had fun hanging there ~ but now I haffi chat up Kuyaba!


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              Re: Negril

              Jim from Whistling Bird ded?


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                Re: Negril

                Just recieved a call stating that Negril Tree House is OK. Any input?


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                  Re: Negril

                  the treehouse is okay

                  bar-b-barn is going through &quot;changes&quot; - management is not always on site

                  check out this site

                  they have videos and pictures - that they took - of almost all the hotels in negril

                  have fun!


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                    Re: Negril

                    Although not on the beachside I would highly recommend Rayon...they use the beach at sunbeach which is right across the street. Pansy the owner of Rayon and her staff go out of their way for their guest.

                    Another option and currently have a Living Social deal is Seaplash, I would also suggest Sea Wind and Coco La Palm
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                      Re: Negril

                      bar-b-barn is going through &quot;changes&quot; - management is not always on site


                      For the worse


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                        Re: Negril

                        I find that your hotel selection and suggestions is based on an individuals style. We can suggest so many places, but our suggestion will be based on our comfort level and our sense of style. If our style places little importance on the room, but on the beach, then we might suggest a low level hotel with a beautiful beach. If food or being able to prepare ones own food, then we may suggest places with a kitchen.

                        For what its worth, I enjoy a exclusive resort, but my budget often dictates a mid level hotel. I dont need a kitchen and to be honest, I dont want to see one on vacation. If the tile on the floor is nice and the bath room is NOT run down and no stains on the caulking, them I'm good on a buget hotel. I hate dirty grout between tiles (floors and bath).

                        Negril Beach Condo: Personally, I dont recommend this place. You never know what you will get. You can walk into your condo and have a beautiful unit, but you can also walk in and find one with the door barely hanging and the place run down. I need to know what I'm getting. I dont have time to spend going from room to room to find the one I like.

                        Bar-b-Barn: I love the hotel. It is one of the first hotels I stayed in on my first visit. I havent stayed there in a very long time because I found my dream hotel (ForReal-that is now closed). BUT, everyone is right; management isnt often there and it seems to be a lot of issues bubbling under the surface when ever I am visiting. Still, the rooms a nice for a budget hotel. I dont like the beach at all. The location is right in the middle of a lot of local traffic, and I prefer to be a bit away from a lot of traffic.

                        SeaSplash is a good budget alternative as well.

                        Rayon is lovely, but I dont like the trek across the street to go to the beach. And I hate to need to go to the bathroom and have to walk back across the street to the hotel. BUT, this is a lovely place for a budget hotel and the staff is great.

                        CoCo LePalm: This is an old property but most rooms have been perserved nicely. The grounds are nice as well. The only caution I would have is to make sure you are clear on the rates being offered. The banana break for breakfast (complimentary) daily is wonderful. The downside is their menu after breakfast, while good, it isnt Jamaican.

                        My choice of all the hotels would probably be CoCo because I love the beach location and the breakfast is really good. I enjoy the seclusion of the rooms (superior) with lush gardens.

                        Hope this helps
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