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Dining in Montego Bay

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  • Dining in Montego Bay

    Hello all, I was wondering if I could get some opinions on dining around Montego Bay

    Particularly, I would like to eat at a beach restaurant like I've seen Aunt May's Fish Place near Kingston. Is there anywhere like that in Montego Bay with fried lobster and fresh fish caught that day?

    Also I very much enjoy drum pan chicken. Is there any particular chicken man on the Hip Strip (or somewhere else) that has the best chicken?

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    Re: Dining in Montego Bay

    the drum pan chicken ppl only come out late at nights now. i hardly ever see them. someone told me it had something to do with the restaurants losing business so the street ppl can only sell late wen restaurants close up...not sure.

    there is a fish man that is always walking up and down in the late evenings. good fish.

    across form pelican and burger king dehso, there generally is some drum pan chicken ppl later on in the nights. not sure if its ne good cus mi no try it. i am mainly a pork person.

    if you go to the end of the strip (closer to airport side) there is a little trailer there selling pizza and chicken. chicken was ok...dear for road side food in my opinion but its ok.

    i personally would say go to jerky's out by bougue or go to pork pit.
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      Re: Dining in Montego Bay

      There are some fish joints in Whitehouse, which is on the other side of the airport. You get there by riding the highway out to Flankers an when you get to the end of the runway, there is a left hand turn, and then another quick left.

      The road runs parallel to the runway, ride through and stop in and ask if any of the restaurants have any catch for the day.
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