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  • Rae Town

    Greetings -- Anyone who grew up in Rae Town in the late 60's early 70's. Remember those Sunday nite oldies or the days of Cross the Harbor Races from Paradise Street seaside to Gunboat Beach. You probably went to Bamboo Church on Water Street next to the gully (bridge).. the best Sunday school. Bun and cheese eating contest at Depot. If you ever had macka juck you in your feet at Depot... link up. We use to go to Castleton Gardens on church trips every Labor Day in May. (and who thought my memory was going). Let us link up. You probably went to St. Michael's, Holy Trinity, Elleston we would like to reach out. Maybe you guys are too young and it is your parents or grandparents who did. Well, tell them that we need to link up.

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    Re: Rae Town

    voopsy, I wasn`t in your area back then but in the recent past, I have been to a few of those famous Sunday street sessions courtesy of the lady at Capricorn Club off Paradise St.
    Nowadays, there`s a major road way from downtown to Rockfort that runs back of Belleview and definitely on the sea side. A housing development too called Manley Meadows on the Bellview property.
    Let freedom and peace abide, the sun shine, and your love beside me with you everytime.


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      Re: Rae Town

      I don't know if I have ever heard about it when I lived in Jamaica, and never paid any mind to it. It was not until in recent years after meeting someone in a Jamaican chat room,We began to talk about the good ole days of growing up in Jamaica. I left Jamaica in 1983. I was very young child still. I grew up in Rollington town kinston two. My mom, step dad and their friends use to go out to dance. I never know where they went then, until just recently I ask my mom about the dances on the Rae Town Strips. The person that I met in the chat room, use to held dances in the Ft. Lauderdale area in Florida, these dance were simularly to the dances held in Rae Town


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        Re: Rae Town

        never there in the early years but just had the opportunity to visit recently for the first time
        quite the experience for the women from foreign
        felt a bit intimidated

        had a good time still,true admiration for how you jamaicans can keep on the whole of the night,party with a smile always in spite of the troubles that life
        dishes out


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