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Tai Chi Chuan and Reggae in Jamaica ?

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  • Tai Chi Chuan and Reggae in Jamaica ?

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Hi everyone !
    Dreamed about visiting JA for many years now so I got a few questions.

    Is tai chi unheard of there or recently are there a few schools about?
    Is there any similar type of body discipline that Jamaicans do, apart from sports?

    I am interested in trying the vegan food on offer.Do most of the larger cities have vegan food stores or stalls?
    My ideal trip would be a mixture of meeting locals,
    seeing some live reggae, eating the various unique fruit/veg and just being around people. I'd also like to meet up with someone who does tai chi also. Don't know whether I'd stay in a hotel and don't know which area to go to. Might do a tourbus thing for the convienience. Is it a 3 month visitor visa?</span> Can anyone give us advice?

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    Re: Tai Chi Chuan and Reggae in Jamaica ?

    Welcome to the boards ((YinNYang)) check out the Tourist forums down below in Discover Jamaica for things to do and see in JA. And I am sure someone will be along to answer some of your specific questions about tai chi.
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