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Only in Florida - 3-boobed lady - Fla. woman paid $20,000 for extra breast

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  • Only in Florida - 3-boobed lady - Fla. woman paid $20,000 for extra breast

    This is just crazy...people don't do drugs...

    3-boobed Fla. woman desires to be unattractive to men

    Jasmine Tridevil paid $20,000 for extra breast

    Author: Jeff Tavss, Executive Producer, [email protected]

    TAMPA, Fla. - A Florida woman has chosen a most unusual path to become unattractive to men.
    She added a third breast.
    Jasmine Tridevil of Tampa says she no longer wants to date and figured that the best way to do that would be to undergo plastic surgery to add an extra boob.

    According to New York magazine, Tridevil, 21, approached more than 50 doctors to find one that would perform the surgery. The operation took place a few months ago and entailed taking skin tissue from Tridevil's abdomen and then adding silicon to the implant.
    Tridevil, a massage therapist, tattooed an areola to the new appendage to make it appear more natural.
    The image of a woman with three breasts conjures up memories of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film "Total Recall."
    The New York Post says Tridevil's dream is to become a celebrity and that she saved up for two years for the operation and a film crew to follow her around after the procedure.
    Tridevil writes about her 3-boob exploits on her personal Facebook page with her latest post saying, "Don't be afraid to be different... that's what makes you beautiful."
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    I think this is a fake story.


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      Originally posted by Peasie View Post
      I think this is a fake story.
      I thought it was fake when it showed up in my notifications but it was from my local news stations. There are other sources also
      Out of Many One People Online


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        it no fake…mi post dung in my part a town…she seh she is hoping to get a reality show pon MTV….talk about an ambitious darling…:
        u so fake, even China denied mekking u


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          Jasmine Tridevil
          Show me your papers.


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            I am sure si won't hav trouble finding ah man wid three arms.
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