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Guidelines fi ship ah barrel JA style.

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  • Guidelines fi ship ah barrel JA style. member #946 for LIFE!

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      d e a d i n g

      a Lasco wi work wid

      sen [cake mix] so if mi cyaan bake, mi can sell ie.

      nutten noh taste good like tin mackerel inna alliv ile


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        dis guy not even funny. mi no know if is bcus canada dear but i don't really see the benefits of sending things like rice and flour etc. not to mention tin milk. one tin a betty is $250 JMD same tin of farrin milk is $3.99 and dats the generic brand.

        the odd time dat i pack foods i pack tings like pasta sauce and other likkle likkle tings weh not on ur daily ja-can menu. I only buy if dem on sale otherwise is the same price.

        di way how jamaican ppl use oil 4 bakkle a oil nah last dem no time. mi affi wonder if is drink dem drink it to neck back. a large 3+ Litre bakkle of dish washing soap last me all 4-6 months wen mi doing mi own dishes...wen dem a us it jesus fada dont get started on how dem use laundry soap. one bakkle a tide a last mi how long...dem nah get more dan bout 10 washed. ja can ppl too wasteful but dats a diff thread fi a diff day.

        peace. mi need fi start mek some vids eino
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          Send if not use it mi sell it...dwl..send the olive oil...we poor but "boasty"
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