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Christmas Decorating

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  • Christmas Decorating

    For those who cebrelate Christmas, have you decorated? What unno put up arredi?

    Is which one of unno put out inflatable Christmas tings in the front yard?

    post pics

  • #2
    i put out the little reindeer and a few lights outside. some ornaments on the tree outside

    put the wreaths on the door.

    christmas centerpiece is on the table.

    hoping to get tree this weekend.
    When its hot in the jungle of peace I go swimming in the ocean of love.....


    • #3
      the mr has put on tree and other little trees...hung green ting and lights round the place

      My neighbour has an inflatable thing up...i'll try take a picture tonight when it's all lit up
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      • #4
        I wanted to get our tree last week but she who must be obeyed found an excuse not to....
        so this weekend... off to the treee farm... hopefully get the mosters mobilise and the wife into thecar...

        I like christmas trees....!
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        • #5
          I put my tree up Friday after thanksgiving,
          wreaths one walls outside,
          wreaths around the lights on either side of garage
          Did a Santa table on the enclosed patio


          • #6
            i dunno maybe some lights inside dats all

            mi cant badda wid nuh tree this year yah

            monday a the 15th aready
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            • #7
              Put up my tree on Sunday. Found some cute Martha Stewart round LED lights at Home Depot for tree. Dem pretty with a nice soft glow.

              Put lights on chop-off holly tree out front. It look fluxxy. Cho.

              Wreath on door. Fireplace mantel has creche scenes.


              • #8
                di tree


                • #9
                  not a thing up yet.. maybe this weekend.

                  we usually complain bout the people dem a waste electricity wid the lights dem but will partake this year with the annual lasso around of the the tree

                  inside fling up tree & decorations to come. gwine send out an xmas card as soon as I get the Kia's to slow down fi one pic
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                  • #10
                    Soon it will be the deluge of the annual Christmas Letter from people I don't even know


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Peasie View Post
                      di tree
                      it look nice
                      When its hot in the jungle of peace I go swimming in the ocean of love.....


                      • #12
                        Is this the new thing this year? I'm seeing way too many of these Santa-hanging from roof ting.


                        • #13
                          We have a tree up right after Christmas...each year I linger longer with putting up the outside decorations (sigh) but my kids insist it does not feel like the season until the lights are up outside.
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