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  • #16 great seeing some of the ole timers here. The memories...This happened in South Florida

    December Designated “ Month” in the city of Miramar

    9 hours ago
    by Staff Writer

    Written by Staff Writer

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    Wayne Messam, the Mayor of the City of Miramar in Florida, has declared December 2015 as “ Month.” The mayor made his announcement during the popular website’s 20th anniversary celebration event in South Florida on December 4, 2015.
    In presenting the official proclamation to the website’s founder Xavier Murphy, Mayor Messam said, “ is a trail-blazing platform informing 250,000 subscribers with invaluable cultural and entertainment information.” He went on to say, “I am honored to declare the month of December as Month in Miramar and wish for many more years of success.”
    In the proclamation, was specifically recognized for its promotion of Jamaican culture, food and people around the world and its audience of 250,000 monthly viewers. The official document went on to state that “the legacy of Xavier Murphy and of will be cherished through eternity.”, which launched in 1995, began its 20th anniversary celebration on December 4, 2015, in South Florida, with an event hosted by Calibe Thompson at the Grand Palm Resorts in Pembroke Pines.
    On December 10, the party moves to The Ripe Jamaican Restaurant in New York for an event to be hosted by “Jazz,” a long-time community member and writer for The Ripe Restaurant, located at 151 W. Sandford Blvd. in Mount Vernon, New York, is owned by Chef Nigel Spence, who has been featured many times on the Food Network, NBC, and CBS. covers Jamaica and the Caribbean region, and over its 20 years online, has attracted a steadily growing fan base, amassing over 500,000 page views monthly. Additionally, the site has 77,000 followers on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The site features news, cultural articles, recipes, travel and historical information about Jamaica. It rounds out its offerings with a Patois dictionary. Among its many pioneering activities, was the first Jamaican firm to launch a mobile app on the iPhone.
    According to founder Murphy makes particular mention of Jamaicans in the Diaspora – those who live outside of Jamaica and have Jamaican ancestry – “ has always been a hub for those who want learn about Jamaica and people who want to stay in touch with their Jamaican roots. ”
    Murphy noted the changes in technology that have occurred over the 20 years the site has continued to enjoy rapid growth, saying he is thankful the site has been able to keep pace with the changes and credited its dedicated visitors, sponsors and partners with making this possible.

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      Wow! lots of old-timers here

      I posted a long *** heartfelt reply and it logged me out and i lost it all dang it!


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        Next time just hit the back button.

        Originally posted by Jazz View Post
        I posted a long *** heartfelt reply and it logged me out and i lost it all dang it! member #946 for LIFE!


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          Mi **** keys still werk...

          Hey boardites...Ochigal here. LANG TIME mi nuh see you.

          Had to log on to congratulate Xavier on 20 years...can't believe it's been that long, but then again Ochikid...aka Kyle will be 20 next month so's been 2 decades of wonderful.

          Sooo many wonderful memories. So many friends made...and some lost along the way. But I know they are with us in spirit.

          Hope you all are good.. miss you lots but life gets in the way sometimes.

          Again congrats to


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            few enterprises have lasted across decades... But this one has lasted not merely decades but existed in different centuries and different millennia!!!!.

            Not only that but it inspired academic work... Albeit a really terrible and very banal MSC project was written about sex tourists... (maybe by a sex tourist as well) and portrayed these sad moral degenerates who exchange cash for sexual validation from young nubile male gigolos renta-dreds if u will and seeking otherness to give meaning to their empty existence in a cold uncomfortable milieu ... But it took a light hearted fluffy, poin less throwaway comments i made giving them meaning beyond their actual importance, and featured them as a font of the entire body opinion of Jamaicans on and the entire island!..

            Hell of achievement in terms of longevity and academia!!!!!

            Not bad for a JC Alumni!
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              PDB aka PurposeDrivenBrotha now WorshiPraiser

              WOW. Hello everybody! Mi type in the web address and couldn't find the Forum much less memba mi password! It's good to see so many familiar names! Unu a gwan wid tings man! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
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                Congratulations for the social media experience!

                It was 1996 -- we were donating used computers to schools in rural towns in Jamaica. My husband had a contact at this place called Florida East Coast Travel who put him in contact with a Jamaican community worker in Florida by the name of Xavier Murphy. Unfortunately, Xavier could not join us in our volunteer program as he was already involved in his own Jamaican community efforts. But he told us to check out his web site. That was in 1996 and it was the old treaded message board format. I joined and stayed on as a member to this day.

                My participation here has dwindled since I lost my husband to cancer over a year ago but has remained to this day to be my only constant social media experience. This site became "home away from home" and the place to be whenever I needed a good bellyful of laughs. Thank you Xavier for keeping alive!



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