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10 Question with Christian Dancehall Artist Mr. Gody Gody

Q: How did you get started in Christian Dancehall?

I got started on Sunday mornings when my Pastor asked me to sing in church. That was in 2000.

Q: How much resistance did you encounter from “traditional” Christians?

A: Whole Heap of resistance.

Q: You hear more and more Christian reggae on the radio. Your are probably one of the few Christian dancehall artist that get radio play. One can argue that when you sing about Rastafari you are signing about a religion. Do you think the media is unfairly treating Christian artist difference?

Yes. The music is might be too sanctified for them so they limit our air play

Q: Which dancehall artist did you like growing up?

I always liked LT Stitchie.

Q: How many singles or albums have you cut? When is the next one coming out?

I have 2 Albums out already. I will have a new album coming out soon.

Q: With so many Christian reggae artists in Jamaica do you know if there are any plans to have a yearly mega Christian Reggae show?

Yes there is a big show being planned right now by Stichie

Q: I recently read an article that stated that many Christian reggae artist are missing the “boat” because they are not running their careers like a business or even how today’s church is run. What do you think about that argument?

I dont know about others but my career is Ministry. I believe if I take care of God’s business HE will take care of me

Q: Much of you the lyrics from your songs are from everyday Jamaican life. For example your song “Mi Goddy” is about every day but you sprinkle it with biblical scripture.

My lyrics are divine the Lord Speaks to me based and based off of every day living and address it with answers from scripture.

Q: If there was a Christian night at Reggae Sunsplash or Sumfest would you perform?

Yeah Man Christian night or no Christian night,The bible says go into the World and Preach the Gospel

Q: What church do you go to?

Cavaliers New Testament in Rural St. Andrew

Q: Any plans for collaborations with other artists?

With Stitchie and my brother Ryan Mark.

Thanks for the interview and all the best.


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