Having a Party? Make It Jamaica Style! – How to have a Jamaican Themed Party

Now is the perfect time to invite your friends to a Jamaica-themed party, complete with tropical decorations, traditional foods, and lots of reggae music. The Jamaican theme can be carried throughout your party planning, beginning with the invitations.

Jamaica is a tropical island known for its beaches and the warm Caribbean waters and for its laid back, reggae lifestyle. For beach lovers, invitations using the colors of the sun, sand, and sea are appropriate. For fans of reggae, the color scheme of the invitations is easy: everyone recognizes the red, yellow, green and black associated with reggae culture. Invitations could be designed in the form of “cruise tickets” promising a visit to the tropical paradise, or make a montage of some of the publicly available photos of reggae legend Bob Marley to entice your friends to a musical evening.

Music will have a major role in making your Jamaican-themed party a success. Of course you will feature the music of the legends like Bob Marley and the Wailers, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff. Make sure to have enough room for dancing because your guests will have a hard time sitting still once the music starts. You could even consider hiring a reggae band or DJ. You might want to branch out from the reggae genre and play some of the other popular Jamaican music, including ska or some rocksteady too.

When it comes to food, give your guests a taste of Jamaica with traditional island foods. Jerk Chicken is a standby in Jamaica, and it can be served with traditional appetizers like Rice & Peas and Stamp and Go. Jerk Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa  provides an updated recipe featuring traditional flavors, as does the appetizer Ackee Dip. The hot Scotch Bonnet Pepper is a must-have for a Jamaican feast. Here is a recipe for Scotch Bonnet Sauce, which can be used as a condiment. Your guests will appreciate popular island beverages like Jamaica’s national beer, Red Stripe, and Jamaican Rum Punch.  Ginger beer and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, one of the best and most sought-after coffee brands in the world, offer additional tasty options.

And don’t forget your vegetarian friends. Offer Jamaican options like Curried Callaloo or Sweet Potato Stew. If you have trouble finding some of the ingredients for these recipes, visit our online store.

Have lots of fresh tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, and coconuts available. Trays and displays of these beautiful fruits can even double as party decorations.

With great food, great music, and the “one-love” attitude of Jamaica, your party is sure to be a success!