Jamaican Joke: Horse named Holly

One night a man was was relaxing watching TVJ when out of the kitchen came his wife with a pan -BOOF!- “a who name Holly?” asked the wife.

“Mi jus see a paper eena yuh pocket wid di name ‘Holly’ pon it, WHO IS SHE?”.

The man rubbing, rubbbing the back of his head, said “me and Richie did dung ah di racetrack tiddeh an dat is di name of di horse weh we bet pan, a wah duh yuh?!!”.

So the wife apologized, kissed his head, and went back to her chores.

15 minutes later the wife storms out of the kitchen again –BOOF!! BAM!!

“A WHA DUH YUH?!!” shouted the husband, and the wife shouts back, “YUH HORSE DEH PON DI PHONE!!”.

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