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How do I check if a probate is real in Jamaica, if lawyer fees are too high?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

An attorney who assisted me to get a probate of a will over 15 years ago cannot be found. When I showed the copy of what he gave me to the new attorney, I was told it looked forged. The document was obtained in the Resident Magistrate Court in the country.

Can you assist me to investigate what is going on. I need this new lawyer to do some work and his charges are too high, so he told me to check it out and get back to him so he can do what I need him to do.

Mark Anchoy

RESPONSE: Dear Mark,

The relevant Court needs to be contacted by you or someone empowered to do so on your behalf.

In your case that would be the specific Resident Magistrate court where you supposedly obtained the probate. The document in your hand will have to be shown. It will not however be an overnight process owing to the date that it would have been processed in the Court.

We can assist you in the process to check out your probate for a fee. 

Legal Wiz

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