Oh Jamaica how I long…

Oh bwoy what a story I heard a man say,
that jamaica is di place for everyone to play.
Him say jesum piece gal yah neva bin there,
I say no man tell me bout it yah say yah live where?
In de country Westmooreland where it rain,
Granny has a house wit nice garden she neva complain.
One ting about jamaicans let me tell you chile we live,
From granny down to pinkney we nuh have much but we give.
We help each other out to make life good for us all,
Another thing bout us gal we like to have a ball.
Dress mon in a fancy clothes and walk pon de street,
We pride dis country very much an so we kiss our teeth.
Me say to di man wait now cause him pick up him bag an leave,
Him say chile no badda listen a mi tell ya, you have to see to believe.
So soon come JA just as soon as mi can,
Wait pon me ya hear I want to to see ya lan.

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Ziafra Golden-Wade