How do guns get into Jamaica?
How do guns get into Jamaica? If this question cannot be answered then it is time for the goverment and all of the biggest tourist corporations on the island to immediately propose a gun buy back program. No questions asked. Substantial payments for all weapons received will be the program. When these weapons are received they will be studied by law enforcement as to countries of origin and maybe how they have entered Jamaica. This could be very beneficial to see if other countries are importing danger and death to this tropical paradise.

Next invite all Jamaicans to voice their problems. Housing, education, employment, gangs. There must be enough dollars in someones bank (either the government’s or large tourist corporations) to start a building fund to build homes for a community and keep going. After that family moves in start another. Yes this is a long and on going process but it might foster more people to actually do something to make their life better.

When you see people living in shacks isn’t it the government and big business that could lend a hand and reach out to these people to help change their lives? Just don’t say they are lazy and forget about them.
If tourism is what brings the dollars in then start an even more aggressive southern side of the island land grant operation to American, European hotel chains and especially Jamaicans that could run some of the best Jamaican owned hotels in the world. What is wrong with Jamaicans running hotels? NOTHING!!They certainly seem to know and understand how to take care of tourists and show them a good time every time I have ever been there. Jamaican people can collectively run huge hotels for the government. Share in the wealth and what could come of a completely Jamaican owned hotel. Taxes back to the government and good wages for a lot of people if this is that big. Another airport to create more jobs would be necessary on the south side of the island. The expanding of the Negril airport for more jobs. Why we could even ask Sean Paul to help. I saw that he studied this in college before he made it big in the music industry. He even received a degree.

Again all this growth for tourism means more jobs in agriculture. More tax incentives for farmers. All these tourists have to eat. Everyone has to eat. Encourage more recycling, saving money and recreating energy. Try to institute from all the restaurants a bio diesel program where all the vegetable oil used on the island be collected (another job) and burned in any and all the diesel engines on the island make it a law and show the world. Exhaust fumes will smell like french fries.

First come together to get rid of guns….Peoples lives and their words are more important and please don’t sink any further to the despairs of being noted as the most violent country. All because of guns? Reclaim what is your beautiful country and make it stronger and better this can be achieved by abolishing guns. Say yes to life and prosperity say no to guns. Everyone has the right to live in peace. Try something different….