I don’t remember if the Judge told squatters to leave, but years later I need them to go HELP!

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I took someone to Sutton Street Court in Jamaica around 1996 to ‘determine boundaries’. I really do not remember what the Judge ordered. I need to get a copy of that file because the people I wanted to remove from my side of the land are now building bigger houses. They insist on annoying me with their loud music to force me to move. It is my land and I need them off so can you assist me in doing something to teach them a lesson.

John Andisson

Dear John,

The law is never to be used to ‘teach anyone a lesson’ but to correct a wrong done to someone. There are a number of issues arising in your brief outline and for that it is recommended that you rely on an attorney in Jamaica. We can assist you in the initial stages with research, information gathering, case profiling etc. Here are a few points you must bear in mind:

– If the case was decided even in 1998, it is possible that order would have expired that is the time on that order has long passed. Therefore the matter will need to be brought before the Court again.
– There is a time limit for paperwork to be held at the Court before it is destroyed. If you need information on a 1996 matter, you should act quickly to seek that information as in another couple of years the files will be destroyed. You can do so by writing a letter requesting copies to the Clerk of the Court.
– That said perhaps there are other solutions available to you that you need to consider such as getting an injunction to stop certain actions from being carried out. You may need to bring to the court other causes of actions such as Recovery of possession or declarations, Consultation with an attorney can provide more details of issues arising after careful assessment, and the appropriate reliefs and procedures.

Should you need our team to assist you, please do not hesitate to email us again. Bear in mind that we charge nominal fees.

Legal Wiz