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I’m Allergic – Jamaican Book Review

About the book:  
This book targets children who are ages 3 to 7 years old, and the family members that read with them. The tale introduces the topic of food allergies as told by a young character by the name of Li’l Al Lurgic, who is very sensitive to popular edibles that are common to children’s diet. The book aims primarily to be fun, and only secondarily speaks to children who have special needs, or sensitivities of which the adult world is lovingly ignorant. In a subtle way, the author is opening a space for more sensitive handling of the individual perculiarities of all small chiildren.
All little ones learning to read enjoy a good story with characters that are unique, memorable and entertaining.

Parents, Teachers, Librarians will enjoy the humor and clarity with which Li’l Al describes what he can and cannot eat at a family picnic.

Book Review:
 “I’m Allergic is a rhyme story suggesting healthy diets which helps to keep children on track with eating healthy foods. The illustrations are brightly coloured and are very unique. They relate to children which makes it more interesting to read. The illustrations are child-friendly which makes it easier and fun for the children to draw. The story entails the allergic reactions one gets to un-healthy foods. The good thing is that the main character eats many healthy/live foods which as he says will help him to become a big strong man. There are many truth/parables in the story which are good for children to understand and grow.”
— Kaleb D’Aguilar  (12 year old from Jamaica)

About the Author
The story was inspired by the son of the author’s close friend who suffers severely from food allergies. At the age of three, the friend’s son was able to eloquently declare “I’m Allergic!” when offered edibles he was both familiar with, and sensitive to. The characters in the book are fictional beings called “The Lurgics.” This is Missy Harris’ first children’s book.Missy hails from both Jamaica W.I., and the US, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


Where to Get the Book:
I’m Allergic is now available on Authorhouse.com , Amazon.com  and BarnesandNoble.com 

About the author

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