Incredibly Beautiful Jamaica

My husband and I just got back from Jamaica last night. I was genuinely sad to leave. We stayed in Negril. “Seven miles of beach” is what the travel agent said. But that does no justice to this beautiful place. Some things worth mentioning are the spectacular mountains, the breathtaking sunsets (too lovely for words and enough to make everyone stop what they’re doing to watch it diminish into the waves), the lush tropical plants, and the friendly outgoing people who make a point to make you feel welcome. We had such a wonderful time! We did touristy things, shopped the market, went horseback riding in the mountains, snorkeling, and just plain relaxed. It was a great trip. I’m alreading planning a return trip. I’d go back tomorrow if I could afford it, unfortunatly, the minute I got back to the states, I also got back to reality.