Interview with Daun Ferguson on the “For the Love of You” Jamaica project

This week we interview leading South Floirda hairstylist and makeup expert Daun Ferguson. Each summer, since 2006, she travels to Jamaica where she donates her time to mentor the young ladies at the Windsor Girls Home in Ocho Rios. Last year she donated over $10K US worth of hair and feminine products to these young ladies. Here is our conversation with Daun Ferguson
Where are you from originally?
Nassau Bahamas
What is your connection to Jamaica?
My Emperor (Hubby) Wesley Frater is Jamaican from Bethany Alexandria, St. Anns.  He is a very proud Jamaican and insist that our companies assist charities not only in Jamaica but thge Caribbean
What is the “For the Love of You” Jamaica project you do with the Windsor Girls Home?
We actually met this charity through our efforts with The Sandals Foundation.  When i saw the conditions I immediately knew my company thru its charity “For the Love of You” could assist these young ladies with education and products.  Miami Heat Udonis Haslem assisted me with my first ever visit…He was great.
How did you come up with the idea?
For the Love of you started in 2006 with the hopes of bringing education, self esteem, Proper hair care, personal hygiene, to South Florida Disadvantaged youths and group homes.  I then expand my efforts to the Caribbean including Bimini, Turks Caicos, Nassau.  I encourage all to visit for further information on the charity and how they can assist.
What are the main goals for the project?
To bring about increased awareness of personal hygiene, self imaging and to increase of themselves and others around them as young ladies.
How was the Windsor Girls Home chosen for the project?
We we learn of charities through the resorts that accommodates us.  We have assisted numerous charities in Jamaica including building computer lab at Bethany Primary, donations to Browns Town Primary, We cried tears for Category when we visited, We assist charities in Negril through Zein Nakasha and Superclubs, we host various basketball camps and donations to youths of Ochi Rios via Pierre Battaglia and Couples Resort at the Buckfield Courts downtown Ochie.  Being a young lady of Caribbean heritage, I felt the pain of those ladies who have been abused by their parents, men, society and the Windsor Girls Home became the favorite of myself and husband…We have two daughters ourselves.
Can you tell us about the some successes of the project?
Our success was quite simple…while we spoke and encouraged even with NBA stars…what these young ladies lacked and received was simple everyday items  as feminine napkins, deodorant, toiletries, undergarments, TV, shoes, clothing, makeup…these young ladies we  very happy to see us coming and they expressed gratitude.  We were saddened to hear that the Windsor Girls Home is no longer operating.
If someone what to help with the project what do you suggest they do?
Visit  or call 305-281-9561
What are your personal beliefs on make-up and beauty for young girls?
Young girls are naturally beautiful…Makeup just brings out that beauty
As a make-up artist what is the biggest mistake you see most women make when applying making?
(1) Choosing the wrong shade…wrong color selection for their skin type. (2) Not choosing Dauncosmetics hahahahah
What is the one tip you give women about make-up?
Don’t over do it
Outside of the work you do with the Windsor Girl’s Home, what is your favorite thing you love to do on our visit to Jamaica?
(1) their is a little hut in Bethany Alexandria that serves the best jerk chicken…we call it Prime 112.  (2) Dunns River.  (3) Nine Mime and the Bob Marley museum
Thanks for the interview. Do you have any final thoughts for the readers of
Jamaica is a beautiful country and one that i hope to visit and have a part time home.  Jamaicans will be seeing Dauncosmetics in stores soon and can order on

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