Jamaica Diaspora Legacy Foundation Launches New Efforts and New Website

Jamaicans in South Florida can look forward to a new Cultural Center for their community in the coming years. The Jamaica Diaspora Legacy Foundation (JDLF), a non-profit organization formed in 2012, is gearing up to begin major fundraising efforts toward the building of the Jamaica Cultural and Resource Center. The multifunctional facility to be constructed in Broward county, will accommodate cultural events and activities, meetings and social gatherings particularly for the Jamaican community and the several organizations within the community. It will also house information and items of historical and cultural significance to the estimated 350,000 Jamaicans living in South Florida.

The JDLF was founded in 2012 by a group of Jamaicans focused on maintaining Jamaica’s rich culture and heritage. The foundation’s objective is to facilitate the building of the Cultural Center for the local community to call “home”. Floor plans have been drafted by architect Neil Hall and renderings of the finished building are forthcoming.

heritage, and providing  a site where this history and heritage can be displayed, and a meeting place for the Jamaican community and the several organizations within the community. The Foundation’s board is led by its president, management consultant and  newspaper editor Garth Rose, and supported by Vice President Sydney Roberts, Treasurer Learie Mullings and Secretary Cheryl Wynter. Other board members include Chester Bishop, Janice McIntosh, Anthony Barber, Wayne Golding, Marlon Hill, Calibe Thompson, Audley Hewitt, Barron Channer, Xavier Murphy, and Rev. Horace Ward.

The foundation’s board and its supporters are excited by the newly completed JDLF website –, and the launch of the foundation’s social media pages on facebook, twitter and youtube. By following and engaging, Jamaicans in South Florida will now be able to learn more about the project and its progress, follow updates and enjoy participating in the journey from the Center’s start to its completion. Jamaicans and friends of the Jamaican community are encouraged to become involved, and to visit to find out how they can help.

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