Jamaican Restaurant Chain Opens New Eatery In Rochester, Minnesota

The new Jerk King restaurant, which is one of a chain that includes five restaurants in Canada, has opened in Peace Plaza on 1st Street in Rochester, Minnesota. The space is already being renovated, and the plan is to open the dining venue by the Christmas holiday. The restaurant chain is known for its Jamaican jerk chicken and other Caribbean-style dishes. According to Johnson Osel, the president of the Jerk King chain, plans are also in the works to offer standard American dishes as well. The 11,500-square-foot space will include a bar featuring Jamaican cocktails, with a great amount of rum. The restaurant is one of the first outside of Canada, although the chain expects to open a few of the eateries in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota as well. While Rochester is smaller than other locales considered for expansion, Ossie believes the restaurant is a good fit for the city as many people from around the world visit there. The expansion will cost about $135,000. The space has been empty since its former tenant Mac’s Café closed down.