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Jamaican Tourism hi-jacked by Mad-man

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — A disoriented young man with a gun forced his way past security and barged onto a jetliner destined for Cuba, taking the crew hostage, firing a bullet that grazed the co-pilot’s face and demanding to be flown off the island, witnesses and police said Monday.

Mi  cyannot even get a finganail clippa or a bakle a lotion ova three ounces through de airport security line in Merica yet dis man was able to get a gun through de security and unto the plane. People; wi need fi understand dat Tourism is de ongly foreign exchange earner wi ave lef in Jamaica. Bauxite prices are down, remittances from the Jamaican Diaspora ave decreased and sugar cane is dead. We ave to protect de likkle tourist dem wey com to wi Island cause if dem don’t com wi salt!!!

Jamaican Information Minister Daryl Vaz told The Associated Press that Fray demanded to be flown to Cuba. The flight’s next stop was Santa Clara, Cuba. But witnesses said the gunman wanted to reach America.

So di bredda sey im want fi go to de States and when im get pan de plane im ask fi go a Cuba. Mi wan fi know is which High School im go to dat teach im sey Cuba is a part of Merica.

“He said `You are not going to stop me. I’m going to the U.S.,” Jacques Poulin, a passenger from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, told The Toronto Star. “There were two people chasing him but he managed to get into the plane.”

So is wha mek dis man outrun de security at de airport so?? We need fi put de Airport Security pan a exacise program. Dem should ave a weight limit fi de security offica dem at de Airport just like wi ave fi de baggage dem. An if dem ova de limit wi should put a big red sticka pan dem forehead dat sey ‘Overweight’.

Airport security guards followed procedures and kept visual contact with the gunman until Jamaican police responded, according to a spokeswoman for MBJ Airports Ltd. The company says only police officers are authorized to carry guns inside the airport.

So is what de Security a carry fi defend de Airport patrons? Cheese trix batten. Dem supposed to have somting wey cyan protect wi man. An what good is it fi dem to ‘keep visual contact’ if dem nah do nutting. A so dem gaze ugly dat it ago stop somady fram hi-jack a plane. Wi pay too much airport tax fi Security fi jus look pan a man a scare de likkle foreign exchange dat wi ave lef out a de country. 

Of course de Jamaican Constabulary Force arrived shortly afta and were working around de clock to resolve de situation. Mi ave complete and utter faith in dem. Dere was more of a chance of dem discharging dere weapons and hitting two stray dawgs dan eva hitting dis gunman. At least wi will deal wid one of de problems in Jamaica.

The ironic thing is dat de Canadian Prime Minister Steve Harper was in Jamaica at de time fi a one day visit afta de Summit of Americas in Trinidad & Tobago. Dem mussi wake im up dat morning wid de new Jamaican Tourist Board slogan. Welcome Mr. Harper. ‘Jamaica…Nuff Problems mon’.

In de defense of the Airport security de briefing from the Jamaican Security Minister quoted im as saying dat de ‘would-be hijacker seemed to suffer from “mental challenges,”’. As if dis is suppose to comfort people. How am I supposed to feel now knowing dat dem low Mad-man fi brok thru airport security and hold up a plane load a people hostage?!?!? Lawd help us….


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Ray Damdar is a Jamaican living abroad in Hartford, CT amongst the third largest Jamaican population in Merica. He is constantly amused by his culture has no odda choice but to comment.

Favorite saying “ ! Chicken dey merrry, hawk dey near!”

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