Jamaican Hall of Fame: Nanny

The Rt. Excellent Nanny Sharpe of The Maroons: She was a National Heroine of Jamaica. Mainly remembered for her indomitable spirit and fight against English Oppressors in the early 1800’s. Nanny was a leader of Maroon Village located in Portland, Jamaica. For the Maroons, she was a symbol of strength and fortitude. Nanny Sharpe was instrumental in helping her people fight their battles. “Granny Nanny” as she was endearingly called, was a petite woman with eyes that were mesmerizing. She had tremendous control over her people, which earned her the reputation of being an “obeah woman”. Nanny was skilled at strategic warfare against her people and the British. She instructed the Maroons to create an element of surprise by creating traps for the troops. Due to her formidable nature and courage, Nanny became the leader of her village. She will be forever remembered as the woman who encouraged the maroons to perpetuate their legacy of maroon customs, songs and folklore. Because of her counseling the maroons,they have maintained their pride, confidence and maroon heritage.

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