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Jobs in Jamaica: Assistant Sales Manager – Western Region

JOB TITLE: Assistant Sales Manager – Western Region

LOCATION:  Massy Distribution (Jamaica) Limited, Kingston

DESCRIPTION: Assists the Sales Manager in leading, directing, motivating and supervising the sales team in order to achieve the overall corporate sales objectives; Assists in the implementation of the department’s strategic plans; Assisting the Sales Manager in generating sales opportunities by identifying appropriate business opportunities; Training and coaching of staff to meet company objectives monitoring of the sales team’s performance to include service levels, providing feedback and assistance in achieving sales targets; Assisting the Sales Manager in providing an excellent level of customer service with existing and new customers; Supervision of the sales team through scheduled visitation; Major Revenue generating accounts are efficiently and effectively managed; Achievement of set targets, goals and objectives provided; Customer relationship is prioritized and excellently provided; Good business ethics and excellent people skills are consistently provided.

QUALIFICATIONS: 1st Degree in Business Administration or Marketing/Sales; Excellent human relation skills. Self-motivated, visionary and able to motivate others; 5 years’ experience in a similar capacity; Excellent oral and written communication skills; Excellent problem solving & persuasion skills

CONTACT INFORMATION: Email: [email protected]


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