Conversation with Jamaican-born singer/songwriter Kristine Alicia

This week we have a conversation with Jamaican-born singer/songwriter  Kristine Alicia. Her 2008 debut studio album release Get Ready propelled Kristine Alicia into the forefront of the Caribbean gospel community.  She garnered an unprecedented eight nominations at the 2009 Marlin Awards and took home both Artist of the Year and Female Reggae Vocal Performance of the Year.  Kristine has collaborated with artists of the likes of Papa San, Monty G, Sherwin Gardner and Nigel Lewis. She has performed in the USA, Canada, the Bahamas, Trinidad and Jamaica. The exquisite blend of reggae rhythms, soulful melodies and pop fusion influences, accompanied by her strong, sultry voice and multi-talented abilities, allows Kristine Alicia to freely express herself in the universal language of music that crosses boundaries into many culture. Here is our conversation with Kristine,

Tell us about your background and how did you get started singing?
Started singing in prepschool in the school choir and continued through college. Began to take it seriously when i started doing backgrounds for Papa San and Nigel Lewis.

Tell how about your song”“I Choose You”? Did you write the song? What was your inspiration to write the song? (See video at the end)
Yes, i did write the song. Inspired by a personal experience where I felt like I had to make a decision that forced me to put my wants second to what i knew was more eternal.

What is the best compliment you have gotten about the “I Choose You” song?
I have been told that listening to the song has caused one to choose leave a destructive relationship and choose to live a life that would move towards a more healthy alternative.

As a Christian Artist have you found it hard to get booked on mainstream concerts?
Being labeled a gospel artist may have made it difficult in the past to get on mainstream concerts. However, more recently, the latest singles ‘Your Lady’  and ‘Rescue’ have reached out to both gospel and mainstream audiences which have opened up more doors.

You first album was released in 2008 and you have a few singles out there. When can we expect your next album to be released?
We are pushing for February of 2013

How would you describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as a fusion of reggae/soul

Have you being doing anything else in the entertainment arts field? What projects are you working on right now?
Apart from doing writing and recording for the upcoming album i am involved with helping out a foundation called PINK that helps to raise funds for homeless and underprivileged families.

Something about me most people would be surprise to know?
A lot of people dont know I play the piano and that i listened mostly to classical music growing up and wasnt allowed to listen to reggae music for the beginning part of my l life.

The book, move or song that changed your life?
Song: He Love Us: David Crowder : When i felt like giving up that song made me realize that God was personal loved me no matter what.

If I could tell myself something 10 years ago what would it be?
I would have focused on my singing instead of trying to study everything else to be corporately accepted. 🙂

Thank you for spending some time with us. Any closing words?
Thank you very much for the opportunity to share my music with fellow Jamaicans on…Love

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