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Legal Wiz: Tenant in hiding from Jamaica court summons


Dear Legal Wiz,
I am here in Jamaica on a short visit specifically to get a tenant from my premises. Since I told her of the case in court and gave her notice she’s been hiding from the summons.

I can’t seem to get her to giver her the summons. I just need her out… She can go with the rent. Can I give the neighbour who sees her often.

The court is in early August and after that I leave till December.

Shanna Morgan

Dear Shanna,
The best thing to do that is acceptable is to post the summons on the door.So you would use anything that can make the summons stay posted to the entrance door. After affixing it in a visible area of the entrance door take a photo and fill in the affidavit of service document as you were instructed by the court.

Somewhere on that document, please write some information about how many times you tried to give the summons to the tenant.
Then return it and wait for the court date.

Legal Wiz

Editor’s notes- This column is provided by our in-house journalist/ researcher and not a professional Jamaican attorney.
Therefore please seek professional advice before proceeding.

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