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Book Review – Life 101 for the Young and Young at Heart

Realistic Life Solutions For The Young And Young At Heart.

“Life 101 for the Young and Young at Heart,” is a fresh and revealing approach to many of life’s daily challenges. This no-nonsense novel provides insights for Canadians into not blaming others for our shortcomings; living life for the moment; never giving up; simplifying our daily lives—and, using personal life experiences, the author has outlined practical solutions. Finally, someone has dared to say, “How do we do this?” The author has composed a candid, life applicable novel for any reader worldwide. The author makes the assumption that everyone, from adolescent to senior, is seeking simple and practical solutions to life’s daily challenges. The format of Life 101 is easy to follow and the “how-to’s” so logical that readers will find themselves nodding and wondering, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Preliminary reviews have been positive:

  • “I have enjoyed reading your book and it has inspired me to begin taking inventory of my life.”
  • “This is such great advice for any reader.”
  • “I like the anecdotes, it makes for entertaining reading.”


While our experiences are unique, Adams has focused on those with which we share commonality. The author ponders, is it possible to stop blaming others for our own shortcomings? According to Adams, we need to take control of who we are but she does not stop there. Rather, the author discusses personal situations in which this and many other lessons have been learned, and lays out the course of action that helped in understanding the behavior. Then, solutions are applied in a practical manner to the problem. Insights into career, finances, well-being, and other lessons are revealed. The author has the readers ask themselves “Why should I do this?” and then maps the route that will guide the reader towards clarity. “How to do this?” takes the reader step-by-step through the process of clarification and, ultimately, the attainment of the skill. Along the way, facing and dispelling obstacles that impede our growth. Life 101 takes the reader on life’s journey.


About the Author

Caren Adams, a Jamaican, has a Masters from Pepperdine University and a Business Diploma from Southwest London College, England. Her business background is extensive, covering everything from airlines to manufacturing, with a number of diverse industries in between. In this premier novel, Life 101 serves as a reminder to all that we can live happier, healthier lives… and can begin the process today.


You may obtain Life 101 for the Young and Young at Heart! by Caren A. Adams, trade paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, 222 pages, four-color cover, ISBN 1-59457-835-4 book from bookstores, as well as directly from the publishers for $13.99 retail, plus $5.86 shipping, ($7.99 E-book). Contact BookSurge, LLC, 5341 Dorchester Road, Suite 16, North Charleston, SC 29418 Toll Free: 1-866-308-6235 or 1-843-853-8310, Website: www.booksurge.com or www.amazon.com Email: [email protected], [email protected]



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