Interview With Video Blogger Mad White Jamaican

Many of you have come across the Mad White Jamaican videos on The video blog is one of the most popular Jamaican videos on The video blogger Mad White Jamaican spoofs many Jamaican stereotypes with his comedic clips on This month we interview the Mad White Jamaican.

Q: Are you Jamaican? Where in Jamaica are you from?

A: Yeah man you done know i man a yardy kingston(uptown) lol

Q: What was your first video and why did you start it?

A: I did a “dutty wine video” lol i started it then went off saying “NO MAN FI DUTTY WINE” but that never went around as fast as the “im really jamaican
video” so i took it down.

Q: Was your goal to tackle stereotypes of Jamaica and Jamaicans in your video skits?

A: My goal is to bring jamaica and jamaicans closer together, open up doors for debate and so on, show them that yes people still care and have love for
the island even if we moved away.

Q: How many times have you been mistaken for Eminem?

A: I look like eminem?? allot too much i cant take it anymore, but my hair is natural maybe the man trying to look like me.

Q: What’s the best part about video blogging?

A: Reading the comments the people leave.

Q: What do you do when you’re not video blogging?

A: Eat sleep so on. I love to play billiards, playstaion video games so on.

Q: What do you do to build relationships with other bloggers? Has it turned into links?

A: Well i have so much friends now its real hard to keep up 🙁 Iwish I could take the time for everyone but for the most part i keep in touch with allot of the first, like id take the time out to really reply an email or so. As for links and contacts yeah the doors are opening for me I cant be happier and i have people like (PUT YOUR NAME HERE) that are behind me and have allot to thank them for.

Q: There is also of public feedback to your videos but I am sure you have gotten some more private ones.

A: LOL. If i said then they would not be private anymore would they. Lets just say i got like 4 marriage proposals, they do try but i have a girlfriend and
im a very faithful man. I may be crazy but i have morals.

Q: Recently Tony “Paleface” Hendricks has been encouraging you about your videos and your efforts. Have you ever met him? Have you ever spoken to him?
Is he really your father…LOL

A: i have never meet him in person, i do talk to him do you want his number??? joke(tony don’t get mad lol) as for him being my father i would
say but my lawyer has asked me not to give any details of the ongoing investigation. lol

Q: Did you have experience with acting and/or video editing before you started this video blog?

A: its funny you say that, but NO. I have always been an “IDIOT” acting comes natural I see somthing funny in my head and just do it, and i been playing with computers since a kid so editing i can do in my sleep.

Q: Any juicy pg-13 stories to tell us?

A: LOL. growing up i was a trouble maker(suprise) so i use to run up tress so that my parents could not beat me lol.

Q: Has the success of you video blog lead to any perks or income?

A: NO working on it.

Q: Does owning such a popular video blog ever become overwhelming? How do you balance video blogging with work/school/social life?

A: easy, i have no life lol. Its not that bad i was always in the entertainment sceen wanting to be the next big dancehall artist so im happy
for the popularity that youtube has given me.

Q: Do you have a scheduele creating new videos? How long per day do you usually spend creating these videos?

A: some take three hours some all day. depending on the editing and the effects i want to use. I try to be as spear of the moment as posible that
way it has a genuin feel to it, if the idea his me i tape, but i do plan ahead and draw up things the day before like what i want to say or do.

Q: Which video blogs do YOU read?

A: Everyone every line everyday. I may not post or respond all the time but i try to keep up, so thanks and yeah i do love you all.

Q: What do you think the key to the success of your blog is? What have you done so far to define yourself amongst the thousands of other
video blogs?

A: I find that the Caribbean is starved for there own real type of entertainment, and they are very loyal so my success comes from the love of people like yourself who take the time to read and write and post stuff about me. In terms of how I define myself amongst thousands of youtubers, that’s not hard I’m “uneek” as it is and have alot to offer.

Q: What are your future goals, not only for your blog but yourself?

A: thats for God to know nd me to find out. Also it depends on where youtube is heading, because this may all just be a dream one day i may wake up and
its all gone so i take it one step at a time.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: Thank you everyone for all you have done for me its out of the love for you that i do what i do. BIG UP JAMAICA!!! ONE LOVE!!!!!

You can check out the Mad White Jamaican video “I am really Jamaican” at